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hello there

I don’t know about you but I love organising my emails, work or personal ones alike. Labelled, tagged, colour coordinated – you name it, I’ve most probably tried it. It seems like a great move that tells my brain that I’ve productively gone through my emails, categorised them for the trash, bills to pay, deals to consider, or read later.

It’s great! You should try it.(:

So anyway, I came across a whole lot of good stuff that was Starred and tagged for later reading, which I couldn’t make time for, up until yesterday. I know I’ve skipped a million rounds of Weekend Wonders postings, so here’s making it up with a whole lotta good stuff for this weekend.

Beauties, have an amazing weekend ahead!

A new hit by Ms. Bareilles.

Not sorry for wanting a work/life balance.
ps: Stefan Sagmeister’s TED video is a MUST watch!

Lettering, love.

A dish that I’ll be cooking up today!

It’s ideal to call it quits.
ps: This helped push me to my decision of quiting my previous job and moving on to things that felt right.

Chicken parm! Chicken parm! Chicken parm!:D

{lettering hands at typographyserved}

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instant september

Fall’s here! While we don’t particularly celebrate the four seasons in Malaysia, it’s always nice to see the change in the collections of clothes that arrive in our stores – the warm colours of autumn, beating around shades of brown, orange and red.

Dear God, September started good. And then it kinda crashed along the way. Honestly, I can’t wait for October to swish by, because that would mean we’re just a month away from Christmas, and hopefully a really long break everyone on earth perhaps, could use. Can you tell October to be kind? And make it a quick one too. I’m working all of the month’s weekends, on site if not from home, and I really am dreading it.

I hope your October is great.(:


Instant Months is a compilation of my month in Instagram shots. Check out the rest of my months here, or follow me on Instagram.

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London, then Rome.

I was in Rome for a week, and it was amazing! Having stayed in London for a week before that and adapting the chilly weather, Rome was a tad warm. Okay, make that very warm. Lol I started perspiring the instant I exited the airport!

But other than that, it was beautiful. The museums, the colosseum, the Vatican, the many basilicas – everything just fell gorgeously into place throughout my week there. Pasta, pizza, and lots of wine. Love.

Rome has always been on the top of my list of places to visit. So here’s to another thing to check off my bucket list after having gotten my dive license. CHEERS!

Any suggestions where I should travel next?(:

{photos by Jolene Tan}

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{From top centre: Monocle Cafe on Chiltern Street/Chiltern Street/Liberty/Manchester Street/Croque Madame at Wolseley’s/Cobbled streets/Smoked salmon and poached eggs on breakfast muffins at Chiltern Firehouse/Breakfast at Monocle Cafe/London Bridge/Food kitchen at Chiltern Fire Station/My reservation at the Booking Office, St. Pancras/Park by Warwick Avenue/A classic electric cinema/Cute packaging: Feel good, recycle.(:/Portobello Rd. market/St. Paul’s cathedral/Doggie soaking up the sun!/Oysters at Colbert’s/Strolling down Little Venice/FCUK’s brilliant advertising/Fish and chips at Golden Union Fish Bar’s/Street stroll}

So, this was my week in London. I mentioned in my previous post that I was both very much and not very much looking forward to it, and here’s why.

Very much because…
It’s London. It’s 13 long hours of anticipation to lots of sightseeing, and coffee at cosy cafes. And I was all set to fly Business Class too. So who wouldn’t be? And not forgetting the chilly winds that let me take out my knitwear, pea coats and wooly things for an appropriate season.(:

And not very much because…
London was a work trip. And I had in mind to keep it just that way, until my boss insisted that I take a train, or a flight from there and go somewhere. I wouldn’t have to think twice if I was earning as much as she was, frankly. But alas, I broke my piggybank and traveled to Rome from there anyway. No regrets, but it could have been easier for me if I had the freedom to visit Rome on a very intentional, totally saved-up-my-whole-life-for reason. You know what I mean.

Anyway, Rome’s up next. Stay tuned!

{photos by Jolene Tan}

p.s. Please check their respective sites for up-to-date business hours as they may vary daily.

Chiltern Firehouse
1 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7PA, United Kingdom
Business hours: 6pm – 12am
+44 20 7073 7676

50-52 Sloane Square, London SW1W 8AX, United Kingdom
Business hours: 8am – 11pm
+44 20 7730 2804

Golden Union Fish Bar
38 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 7LY, United Kingdom
Business hours: 11.30am – 10pm
+44 20 7434 1933

Monocle Cafe
18 Chiltern St, London W1U 7QA, United Kingdom
Business hours: 7am – 7pm
+44 20 7135 2040

Portobello Road Market
Portobello Rd, London W10 5TE, United Kingdom
Business hours: 8am – 7pm
+44 20 7727 7684

The Booking Office Bar @ St Pancras
Euston Rd, London, United Kingdom
Business hours: 6.30am – 10pm
+44 20 7841 3566

The Wolseley
160 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EB, United Kingdom
Business hours: 7am – 12am
+44 20 7499 6996

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instant july

July, July.

I thank God for this beautiful month, really. It was a crazy busy one with many, many shoots and the inevitable preparation works that come with it, my dive lessons, rock climbing sessions, burger-noming dinner date – all in amazing company, and a very, very good long weekend in a quiet glass box hideout followed by a whacked out Singapore trip with the cousins.

To a good month ahead and more great accomplishments before yet another month goes by…CHEERS!:D Have a great August everybody! xx

Instant Months is a compilation of my month in Instagram shots. Check out the rest of my months here, or follow me on Instagram.

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Some days, I do wonder what it’s like to walk around with a cloud of my own.
And today is just one of those days.
Much like this picture, I feel like my insides are all weathered down, empty, ugly and disfigured.
And all I want is a puff of something to keep me company.

It’s been a tough week. A real tough week. But I’m praying that it gets better.

I hope you lovelies are enjoying your weekend though.(: xo

An interesting art installation and it’s story.

Nimbus. Love.

I’d love to have some ice cream, please!

A very interesting place I’d love to see.

This would right any horrid day. Yums!

Here’s one for the graphic designers.:D

{Nimbus by Berndnaut Smilde on ModernMet}

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instant may

May, 2014.

So quickly, it’s Hello, June. May’s been pretty eventful for me – travels, new food places, deaths, and close to a couple of weeks of stressful breakdowns. But I’m here. Here to welcome June, the ohmygawd-is-it-already-mid-of-year? month.

June’s always been that “second chance” for me, read: resolutions and plans that didn’t successfully kick off at the beginning of the year. Haha! So it’s now, or pretty much neverat least within the year, that is.

So, swim. Run. And above all, live. That’s six months for me to do all these.(:

To whatever you have in mind as your “second chance” to accomplish within the year, I hope it starts well, and ends with a bang. Three cheers to six great and gorgeous months ahead! Cheers, cheers, cheers.


Instant Months is a compilation of my month in Instagram shots. Check out the rest of my months here, or follow me on Instagram.

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So I attempted to poach an egg last Saturday. Did I mention that I wasted two eggs in that whole hour’s attempt? Sigh. It was so embarassing. I ate that two eggs in the ugly state I caused them to be in, and then boiled the third perfectly and served it.

How do people make poaching eggs look like reciting the ABCs? I remember the first time I poached an egg, and I’d have you know I got it right then – close to five years ago. I was in college, and my campus was home to the Mass Communication (that’s me), Architecture, Hospitality and Tourism, and Culinary Arts faculty, and our library was a cook’s heaven. Cookbooks, technique books, recipe books, food styling books – all of them. Yup! And it was then that I picked up one of those technique books, and successfully nailed Chapter 3: How To Poach An Egg.

I will master the art of poaching an egg, soon. And you can expect an entry devoted to that success. Haha! On the topic of eggs, I came across Food52‘s eggy article, which is a great read for cooks, or egg-lovers alike, so here’s sharing it!

Take the weekend slow, or fast, whichever way you’d like to roll, but have an amazing one either way, my dear friends.(: I’m going to steal forty winks, get dressed and head out for dinner at the much raved about Awesome Canteen. Toodles!

Let It Go in 25 languages. Amazingly good!

My second love after oysters: SCALLOPS

A garden retreat.

Apple lovers, a new store opens!

The newly opened 9/11 memorial pavilion.

To try: Lemony Lemonies!

{all about eggs by Food52}

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Cheers to a good ol’ Saturday.

So William and I decided to grab bagels for brunch. The last time I had a bagel was when I was in New York, and to have a cosy bagel stop serve up fresh-baked bagels in New York style just 10 minutes away? It goes without saying that our Saturday brunch just keeps getting better.(:

I had a Lox bagelwich- read: lots of smoked salmon, heavenly cream cheese and sprinkles of spring onion and capers crammed into a hearty poppy seed-topped bagel. William had a Philly Cheese Steak bagelwich with beef strips and the works, and we shared a tomato puree soup and a petite serving of green salad tossed in balsamic. Yums!

On a separate note, I GOT MYSELF A NEW PAIR OF RUNNERS! It’s time to go running again, and hopefully the rain holds up for that in the evening. Did I mention that my pair of Reeboks (that were barely a year old) were stolen right off my front porch? Yup. Sucks.

But anyway, the weekend’s looking good for me. And I hope it is looking just as awesome for all you people too.(:

Birds in so many forms.

For when the Mama Bear in you appears, you’re not alone.


Illustrations by Nick Bear. Preeeety.

Stunning shots of black dogs who are often overlooked for adoptions.

A girl and her English bulldog. LOVE.

{photos by Jolene Tan}

Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Cafe
41, Jln SS15/8A, Subang Jaya
Business hours: 10am – 10pm
+603 5611 6553



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Just about a week ago, I decided to join the creative community, Behance. The amount of amazing stuff in there is Crazy. Crazy with a capital C. I will never stop being incredibly in awe and impressed by all the beautiful, beautiful work that people around the world have created, and are creating. I wish I had just a teeny tiny bit of their talent, really.

A big fan of illustrations, I handpicked a handful of those I love and thought I’d share it with you people, right here. If you aren’t a Behance member yet, you should be. Especially if you’re in the field and need some ideas and inspirations!

Here’s also a quick reminder that Mom’s Day is next week!(: So it’s time to whip up a feast for the Queen of your heart, or give her that long-distance phone call you’ve been missing, or treat her to a massage, or make her that card…or anything at all. As for me, my parents (Mom + Dad’s Day combined) are in a massage as I write this, as a treat from me. And then we’re off to a hearty lunch!

So, get crackin’ on ways to show Mommy + Daddy the extra loooooove. Happy weekend friends!

taxidermy artist.
p.s.: I’ve always been very intrigued by taxidermy. And this video is pretty cool, sans the gore I was expecting. Lol

A very creative piece by luxury label Hermes.

Something we can all probably relate to – CONSTIPATION. Haha!

An impressive illustration of how deep the Ocean Shield goes.
p.s.: Ever since the disappearance of flight MH 370, I’ve been reading up the Ocean Shield and it’s amazing use. Impressive.

Forget Disneyland. How about Doomsday Disney?

Too cute! Cross-stitched goodness (or badness)? Haha.(:

{illustrations for Le Duo Pour Ideat Magazine on Behance}

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