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Today is February the 1st.
And tomorrow, February the 2nd marks the beginning of the end — my last day as a Project Editor where I work.

Yes, I finally did it. I resigned.(:

I must say it ended in an utterly undesirable state, but that is a long story in itself, which I’d probably put into writing some time this week. But for now, let me just prepare myself for the two months notice that I will have to serve, beginning tomorrow, and for all the drama that will inevitably follow. Am so not looking forward to it but on the bright side, two more months and I am out.

For those who are wondering about the lead up to my decision to calling it quits, read this and this for the gist of it. All these aside, weekend gems for you lovelies as usual! Have a great, great Monday ahead wherever you are!

Love, thought out loud by Ed Sheeran.

Cheese! And a career with it. How creative!

A v. light read.(:

Gorgeous, gorgeous chocolates by Nendo. And rubber bands, and chopsticks, and transparent wood, and ice cream cakes.

Gratitude, on the scale of success.

I’ve found a new love. Meet UGMONK.(:

{keeping things small by Ugmonk at 99U Team}

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Hello everybody, please meet Mr. Riccardo Guasco.

Hailing from Alessandria, a small town in Italy, Mr. Guasco is an (amazing) illustrator which I first stumbled upon browsing Pinterest. I love his work, and I love the way his colours, lines and ideas come together to give his illustrations and paintings so much meaning.


Here are just some of his artworks. For more, there’s always a riccardoguasco.com to go to!(: Also, here’s a Q+A with the illustrator himself, by Pushing Pixels, and if you follow arts on Behance, here’s Mr. Guasco on it too. Go ahead and enjoy his amazing pieces!

On a separate note, it’s been so long since I did a weekend post. I must have you know how much I missed writing, especially signing off the weekends with a handful of gems for your reading and listening pleasure.

I am back!

So, cheers to the weekend ahead and three more cheers for my first Weekend post in 2015.

The must raved about Sugar by Maroon 5.(:

If I had a space of my own, I swear some rooms would scream LAMPIONE!

Ham & cheese toasties, anyone? Yes please!

Read: the science behind break ups.

Get back at someone glitterbomb style!

Here’s one for the ocean. Love.

{Mr. Illustrator from Riccardoguasco.com}

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instant july

July, July.

I thank God for this beautiful month, really. It was a crazy busy one with many, many shoots and the inevitable preparation works that come with it, my dive lessons, rock climbing sessions, burger-noming dinner date – all in amazing company, and a very, very good long weekend in a quiet glass box hideout followed by a whacked out Singapore trip with the cousins.

To a good month ahead and more great accomplishments before yet another month goes by…CHEERS!:D Have a great August everybody! xx

Instant Months is a compilation of my month in Instagram shots. Check out the rest of my months here, or follow me on Instagram.

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I love these inks (against those really apt backgrounds). They are like little reminders to keep moving, to keep traveling, and seeing the world.

Speaking of ink, I am looking forward to my artist consultation to get some ink work done. I can’t wait for July to happen, really. There’s just so much to look forward to come July – dive classes, ink work, and my trip to plan for. I got this to start me off. Pretty, impressively concise, and definitely user-friendly!(:

Anyway, before I log off and get to my work, here’s to the last weekend of June, and to a brand new six months after…CHEERS! xo

Something to hit the weekend with.(:

Cute cinematics.

Picnic foooood! Yums!

Lessons in minimalism. A good read.

Packaging designs. Love #9/10/21/29!

Retro posters.

{tiny tattoos with paralleled landscapes on ModernMet}

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Just a random update – William and I caught How To Train Your Dragon 2 just yesterday. And I cried, and cried, and cried. I can’t wait to get my hands on a stuffed toy version of Toothless!:B

Anyway, sorry the weekend post got delayed this week! Been so caught up with closing a job for a client all the way in Jakarta, meetings after meetings, photo shoots, and trying to keep to my study schedule in hopes of completing five chapters of the dive manual before my first class in July. Doesn’t sound like much but trust me, it is crazy.

Here’s sharing a handful of things to perhaps, kickstart your week and inspire you on exploring your creativity, buy a new car (Tesla rocks!), try a new dish, update your photo styles, or just an insightful read to understand how collaboration might not always work.

If only New York wasn’t so far away.Love.

Not your average typography.

Interesting read: The Collaboration Paradox

Designing with type on photos!

Tesla Model S according to The Oatmeal, and the real thing.
ps: I am totally blown away by how awesome this ride is.

To try! Cold oven pound cake

{typography by Marmalade Bleue}

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Just about a week ago, I decided to join the creative community, Behance. The amount of amazing stuff in there is Crazy. Crazy with a capital C. I will never stop being incredibly in awe and impressed by all the beautiful, beautiful work that people around the world have created, and are creating. I wish I had just a teeny tiny bit of their talent, really.

A big fan of illustrations, I handpicked a handful of those I love and thought I’d share it with you people, right here. If you aren’t a Behance member yet, you should be. Especially if you’re in the field and need some ideas and inspirations!

Here’s also a quick reminder that Mom’s Day is next week!(: So it’s time to whip up a feast for the Queen of your heart, or give her that long-distance phone call you’ve been missing, or treat her to a massage, or make her that card…or anything at all. As for me, my parents (Mom + Dad’s Day combined) are in a massage as I write this, as a treat from me. And then we’re off to a hearty lunch!

So, get crackin’ on ways to show Mommy + Daddy the extra loooooove. Happy weekend friends!

taxidermy artist.
p.s.: I’ve always been very intrigued by taxidermy. And this video is pretty cool, sans the gore I was expecting. Lol

A very creative piece by luxury label Hermes.

Something we can all probably relate to – CONSTIPATION. Haha!

An impressive illustration of how deep the Ocean Shield goes.
p.s.: Ever since the disappearance of flight MH 370, I’ve been reading up the Ocean Shield and it’s amazing use. Impressive.

Forget Disneyland. How about Doomsday Disney?

Too cute! Cross-stitched goodness (or badness)? Haha.(:

{illustrations for Le Duo Pour Ideat Magazine on Behance}

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It’s about the client. It almost always is.

I didn’t graduate from a design school. Instead, I graduated as a journalism cum media management student. But I love graphic designing. I love reading and researching about them as much as I love trying my hand at it.

I’ve been asked/encouraged/pushed to start a design line of my own by some friends, perhaps a stationery line. And trust me, I would, if I could so afford it. Start printing and selling my designs or something. But I don’t think I’m there yet, in terms of my skills/techniques and even, financially. That said, I’d love to have my own line of stationeries. Some day.

I do some freelance on my own. I write and design a little here and there, which has brought me to the realization that 7 out of 10 times, our (local) clients tend to pick the lousier option of the lot that’s presented to them. It always happens, for some reason. Locally, the graphic design scene seems to be spilling with cheap skate, play-safe, brain-dead, zero creativity, and just-hurry-and-get-the-job-done clients; birthing a generation of graphic designers that require close to a non-existent use of their creative, out-of-the-box thinking skills.

Our (local) clients are not willing to spend good money on good design. But surprisingly, they’d work you for a creative that combines the sun, moon, stars, Hawaii, Godzilla, Captain America, picture of a tabby cat holding a cup of coffee and saying ‘life is good’, the latest Porsche, a montage of runway models – all while paying you peanuts and commenting, ‘this artwork is lacking the BOOM! factor.’ Yup, that’s right. That’s our (local) design scene for you.

One word. Depressing.
Okay, maybe make that two. Pathetically depressing.

Sometimes, I find myself working up a really good piece of design, and for option’s sake, I throw in another okay-level option that I’ve probably put together in the span of me taking a dump. I feel so good and confident about my good piece of design, and then the client goes and picks the shitty one I whipped up for option’s sake. Sometimes, I just feel like telling them “I’m presenting you two designs. But this (the shittier looking one?) is strictly for option’s sake. This (the nicer one I spent half my life putting together) is the one you will pick.” Haha! Truth.

Someday, maybe the cloud of pathetic budgets and tasteless designs will lift to reveal a bigger, better world of fresh, young minds that have been stifled by the aforementioned factors. And hopefully it will not be too late.

{venn diagram by Colin Harman}

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Did you know that a male penguin would look for the nicest pebble and present it to its mate as a gift of love and affection, and if the female penguin accepts the pebble, that also means she accepts the male penguin as her mate?(: It’s true! You can read it all here.

Just a couple of weeks back, I was running a quick Google search on the types of (real) penguins and came across some really impressive creative ads by advertising agency Y&R Malaysia for world renowned publishing house, Penguin Books. Shown above is just one of the many creatives by Y&R Malaysia for Penguin Books’ audio books. A brilliant piece! Go ahead and Google Penguin Books Malaysia and enjoy the rest of their amazing works.

And for the weekend, here’s leaving you a handful of handpicked goodies to fill up on. Have a great weekend, friends!

Types of sneezes. A really funny watch!

You’ve been eyeballed. An incredibly eye-catching art installation.

To add to my wish list of books to read – Letters of Note.

A time piece for your man, perhaps?

This bunny deserves to be on my phone. Adorbs!

Love the colour, love the shape. Organization at its most creative!
p.s.: I’ll be moving work station come Monday. Packing my current work space has been a massive task but I got to it, successfully! So yay! Anyway, more pictures of the shift/upgrade soon.

{The Pied Piper of Hamlin audio book ad by Y&R Kuala Lumpur at Adeevee}

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fallin floyd

Hi there! It’s the great, great, long awaited weekend again!(: School reopened just this week, and the traffic has been nothing but horrid. I was stuck 10 steps just right out of my driveway for a good 45 minutes. I would have turned back and called in sick if it wasn’t for the fact that I had a shoot that very morning.

Anyway, aside from the week’s crazy traffic report, everything else within the seven days of this week has been great. Exhausting, but great nonetheless! Had my aunt and cousin over for five days, which doesn’t need mentioning that a lot of eating have been happening. Haha! Then there was work that just kept multiplying – mood boards to be completed, accounts that had to be identified urgently and closed, copy to be written, audio files to be transcribed, propping to be completed, magazine to be wrapped up, and lots of paperwork to be done and filed.

But now, the weekend is here and beckoning for a cup of coffee as it pours right outside. So here I am at Cosans Coffee, sharing with you some weekend gems that I personally enjoyed myself. Enjoy!

I’m liking how bare Perri’s hit is.

As pictured above, this is one animation I could watch over, and over, and over again.(: Thugs at my heart strings every.single.time.

Screwing that only gets friendlier. How creative!

Bet you never thought of what it was like to make a living naming things. Me neither!

The sketch of a life.

I am incredibly impressed with 3D-printing, how it works and above it all, the change it is making in this world.

{Fallin’ Floyd by Anikey Studios at The Fox Is Black}

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As Chris Yoon (that’s his work in the portrait shot up there!) writes, The Lost Art of Hand Lettering, I couldn’t help but think, think, think about it, and then decide to concur with his thoughts. I think there are lesser and lesser designers out there that have a regard for it, and that is rather sad. It is a beautiful art that would come in so useful! Imagine receiving, or giving a personalised card, or filling that huge empty wall with a gorgeous, gorgeous lettering poster! Love.

I’ve always had this obsession with lettering. From bodily tattoos to the menu boards at cafes, and even packaging, lettering has always been something I’ve loved to observe, and to daydream about being able to create gorgeous letterings myself, really.

But anyway, while daydreaming does half the job for me, I have found a whole lot of lettering inspirations that I want to share with you. There’s the quirky, the serious, the crazy sophisticated, as pictured above!

If you have an amazing hand at lettering, I SALUTE you. But if like me, you don’t but still adore lettering as much, please hop on my boat and let’s daydream together, of us lettering like a pro, someday.

As always, have a great weekend lovelies!

This week’s tune!

A little piece of Chris Yoon, and a whole lot more.

Aitch’s fruity women!

Shop a little lettering.

Fancy yourself some lettering classes?(:

A week in lettering.

…and an extra dose of glorious lettering for the week, just because!

{The Lost Art by Chris Yoon at Sans & Serif/Mortlake by Greg Coulton/Fruity Women by Aitch at Creative Bloq}

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