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Today is February the 1st.
And tomorrow, February the 2nd marks the beginning of the end — my last day as a Project Editor where I work.

Yes, I finally did it. I resigned.(:

I must say it ended in an utterly undesirable state, but that is a long story in itself, which I’d probably put into writing some time this week. But for now, let me just prepare myself for the two months notice that I will have to serve, beginning tomorrow, and for all the drama that will inevitably follow. Am so not looking forward to it but on the bright side, two more months and I am out.

For those who are wondering about the lead up to my decision to calling it quits, read this and this for the gist of it. All these aside, weekend gems for you lovelies as usual! Have a great, great Monday ahead wherever you are!

Love, thought out loud by Ed Sheeran.

Cheese! And a career with it. How creative!

A v. light read.(:

Gorgeous, gorgeous chocolates by Nendo. And rubber bands, and chopsticks, and transparent wood, and ice cream cakes.

Gratitude, on the scale of success.

I’ve found a new love. Meet UGMONK.(:

{keeping things small by Ugmonk at 99U Team}

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travelogue: melbourne part 3

{From top left: A snow beanie I love/Happy coloured umbrellas/City view from Eureka Skydeck/Block Arcade/Leafy seahorse/Lamps on Polly Woodside/The riverbank at night/Jam and preserves at Cumulus Inc./Polly Woodside tour/A hug mug of Max Brenner/A Lush display/Stuffed bunny at Myers’/Scrub brushes/Happy Lab jelly beans/Penguin sightings/Brunch at 7oz/Grill’d/Juicy burger/Pretty jelly fishes/Lush soaps/Glorious chips/Flight back home/Dan Murphy’s/Grill’d’s menu}

…and here’s Melbourne Part 3!

After experiencing all the beautiful sights, scenes and things in Geelong and Timboon, we were back in Melbourne City. I had already dug into the Emergency Cash I had stashed away, supposedly for taking a cab should I lose my way, or if the hotel rejected my card for unknown reasons. I know, that’s me. Paranoid.

It was time for gifts and souvenirs, to do more touristy things and have coffee in as many quaint cafes as possible. We managed breakfast at Cumulus Inc., one of the places on my Cafes-To-Visit list and loved it. I was constantly telling Mr. Bentley how cool it was if I could own a cafe like such, right where I lived in Malaysia.(: We had to forego Capital Kitchen due to its distance, unfortunately. Next trip!

We did the Hangman’s tour at the Old Melbourne Gaol (an awesome 10/10!), Melbourne Aquarium, Polly Woodside, and Eureka Skydeck. Our entry fees to these places totaled to quite a bit but was definitely worth it! I loved the aquarium. Sure felt like a kid again when I literally got all excited seeing the penguins, jelly fishes and so much more. Oh and the sting rays were HUMONGOUS! Like REALLY HUMONGOUS!((: And yes, underside, they look like they are smiling right at you! We did the Queen Victoria Market too and spent a good 45 minutes picking out posters of reproduced vintage Vogue covers, advertisements, car and bike illustrations and cards. I swear we could’ve bought the whole booth if we were there any longer! We had lunch in this cosy cafe called 7oz after, a Korean-run cafe just down the street. I love it. I love that every cafe in Melbourne City seems to have a character of its own, so strong and evident yet cosy, calm and immensely inviting at the same time.

And then there’s LUSH! A really pretty display of fresh handmade natural cosmetics. There were all sorts of beauty stuffs from bath bombs to nail lacquers, to fragrances, to make up, creams and all sorts of lotions in the most alluring colours and ingredients imaginable. While these might be totally inedible, Haigh’s Chocolates offers something pretty that melts in the mouth- chocolate and lots of them! When my relatives from Perth came to visit back when I was much younger, they brought me tonnes of Freddo the Chocolate Frog by Cadbury. I’ve always been (and still am) a Cadbury chocolate fan but I think Haigh’s Chocolates’ famed novelty frogs are a must try! I was saving my cash for more gifts so I only picked up some peppermint chocolate bars, scorched almonds and Malteser-like chocolate coated honeycomb balls for mouth watering gifts.

In the city, we made sure we had Max Brenner every opportunity we could. When we met Raymond and Shiva- Mr. Bentley’s friends, we had Max Brenner. When we were done with our shopping and needed a break, we were off to Max Brenner. After our Old Melbourne Gaol tour, Max Brenner it was. I love Max Brenner! Apparently there’s one in Singapore too, but nothing beats a hug mug of milk chocolate on a cold Melbourne’s evening.(: A meet up with Raymond one evening ended with dinner at Schnitz, a hand made-pan cooked schnitzel wrap. Yums! The fries were really good. My chicken schnitzel, even better.(: On one of our nights here, Raymond and Shiva treated us to dinner at this fried chicken place known as GAMI. Jugs of Gami beer and fried chicken, all in good company really made our day.

Mr. Bentley, his sister and I had dinner at a healthy burger place called Grill’d after our gaol tour. The place is simple and the burgers, AWESOME. Huge, fat and extremely succulent, these burgers are to die for. And here’s a reminder to EAT THE BURGERS WITH THE STICK THROUGH IT, unless you want to risk looking like a complete fool picking up your burger in parts and pieces when you sink your teeth in. Don’t say I didn’t warn you!(: And I really liked the idea of the diner giving back to society with those bottle caps they hand you when you make your purchase, and you can go drop them into the jar of your choice to support any of their three causes.

This is the last of my Melbourne trip. I am still in that state of disbelief that it is over.): I’m already looking forward to planning/making our next trip there. If Melbourne is your next destination, please drop me a message and pack me in your bag. I’ll treat you to all the Max Brenner you can drink, I promise.

Thanks for reading all about my trip.(: It’s been a pleasure journaling it! Click to read about part 1 and part 2!

{photos by Jolene Tan, with a little help from Instagram}


Cumulus Inc.
45 Flinders Lane Melbourne 3000
+61 3 9650 1445

GAMI Chicken
100 Lt. Lonsdale St.
+61 3 9671 3232

Level 2 QV Center Swanston & Lonsdale Street
Melbourne 3000
+61 3 9663 0399

Melbourne Central Level 2 Dining Hall, Shop K64
211 La Trobe St., Melbourne Vic 3000
+61 3 9650 6883

361 Queen Street Melbourne Vic 3000
+61 3 9670 7631

Haigh’s Chocolates
Shop 7-8, The Block Arcade,
282 Collins Street Melbourne Vic 3000
+61 3 9654 7673

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