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hello there

I don’t know about you but I love organising my emails, work or personal ones alike. Labelled, tagged, colour coordinated – you name it, I’ve most probably tried it. It seems like a great move that tells my brain that I’ve productively gone through my emails, categorised them for the trash, bills to pay, deals to consider, or read later.

It’s great! You should try it.(:

So anyway, I came across a whole lot of good stuff that was Starred and tagged for later reading, which I couldn’t make time for, up until yesterday. I know I’ve skipped a million rounds of Weekend Wonders postings, so here’s making it up with a whole lotta good stuff for this weekend.

Beauties, have an amazing weekend ahead!

A new hit by Ms. Bareilles.

Not sorry for wanting a work/life balance.
ps: Stefan Sagmeister’s TED video is a MUST watch!

Lettering, love.

A dish that I’ll be cooking up today!

It’s ideal to call it quits.
ps: This helped push me to my decision of quiting my previous job and moving on to things that felt right.

Chicken parm! Chicken parm! Chicken parm!:D

{lettering hands at typographyserved}

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Hello everybody, please meet Mr. Riccardo Guasco.

Hailing from Alessandria, a small town in Italy, Mr. Guasco is an (amazing) illustrator which I first stumbled upon browsing Pinterest. I love his work, and I love the way his colours, lines and ideas come together to give his illustrations and paintings so much meaning.


Here are just some of his artworks. For more, there’s always a riccardoguasco.com to go to!(: Also, here’s a Q+A with the illustrator himself, by Pushing Pixels, and if you follow arts on Behance, here’s Mr. Guasco on it too. Go ahead and enjoy his amazing pieces!

On a separate note, it’s been so long since I did a weekend post. I must have you know how much I missed writing, especially signing off the weekends with a handful of gems for your reading and listening pleasure.

I am back!

So, cheers to the weekend ahead and three more cheers for my first Weekend post in 2015.

The must raved about Sugar by Maroon 5.(:

If I had a space of my own, I swear some rooms would scream LAMPIONE!

Ham & cheese toasties, anyone? Yes please!

Read: the science behind break ups.

Get back at someone glitterbomb style!

Here’s one for the ocean. Love.

{Mr. Illustrator from Riccardoguasco.com}

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{From top centre: Monocle Cafe on Chiltern Street/Chiltern Street/Liberty/Manchester Street/Croque Madame at Wolseley’s/Cobbled streets/Smoked salmon and poached eggs on breakfast muffins at Chiltern Firehouse/Breakfast at Monocle Cafe/London Bridge/Food kitchen at Chiltern Fire Station/My reservation at the Booking Office, St. Pancras/Park by Warwick Avenue/A classic electric cinema/Cute packaging: Feel good, recycle.(:/Portobello Rd. market/St. Paul’s cathedral/Doggie soaking up the sun!/Oysters at Colbert’s/Strolling down Little Venice/FCUK’s brilliant advertising/Fish and chips at Golden Union Fish Bar’s/Street stroll}

So, this was my week in London. I mentioned in my previous post that I was both very much and not very much looking forward to it, and here’s why.

Very much because…
It’s London. It’s 13 long hours of anticipation to lots of sightseeing, and coffee at cosy cafes. And I was all set to fly Business Class too. So who wouldn’t be? And not forgetting the chilly winds that let me take out my knitwear, pea coats and wooly things for an appropriate season.(:

And not very much because…
London was a work trip. And I had in mind to keep it just that way, until my boss insisted that I take a train, or a flight from there and go somewhere. I wouldn’t have to think twice if I was earning as much as she was, frankly. But alas, I broke my piggybank and traveled to Rome from there anyway. No regrets, but it could have been easier for me if I had the freedom to visit Rome on a very intentional, totally saved-up-my-whole-life-for reason. You know what I mean.

Anyway, Rome’s up next. Stay tuned!

{photos by Jolene Tan}

p.s. Please check their respective sites for up-to-date business hours as they may vary daily.

Chiltern Firehouse
1 Chiltern St, Marylebone, London W1U 7PA, United Kingdom
Business hours: 6pm – 12am
+44 20 7073 7676

50-52 Sloane Square, London SW1W 8AX, United Kingdom
Business hours: 8am – 11pm
+44 20 7730 2804

Golden Union Fish Bar
38 Poland Street, Soho, London W1F 7LY, United Kingdom
Business hours: 11.30am – 10pm
+44 20 7434 1933

Monocle Cafe
18 Chiltern St, London W1U 7QA, United Kingdom
Business hours: 7am – 7pm
+44 20 7135 2040

Portobello Road Market
Portobello Rd, London W10 5TE, United Kingdom
Business hours: 8am – 7pm
+44 20 7727 7684

The Booking Office Bar @ St Pancras
Euston Rd, London, United Kingdom
Business hours: 6.30am – 10pm
+44 20 7841 3566

The Wolseley
160 Piccadilly, London W1J 9EB, United Kingdom
Business hours: 7am – 12am
+44 20 7499 6996

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I’ve been itching to cook of late.

Okay, well. In all honesty, I’ve been itching to do a lot of things of late – run, cook, bake, sign up for that magazine subscription, tell off a friend, buy an oven, house hunt, go for a massage, have more oysters, book a scrub down, learn photography, have my own grocer, day-trip to Singapore, to name a few.

But let’s focus on the cooking part of it all for today. So I’ve been checking out some (easier, a lot less tedious) recipes to (hopefully) start with, one of the weekends. Let me tempt you with this, this and this for now, all as pictured!

My runners have seen daylight, so I’m doing pretty okay I suppose. Haha! (Let the cooking and eating begin!)

I foresee a crazy week ahead. But for now, I’m going to kick back, write, sip on tea while it pours outside and love my weekend and everything about it. And I hope you would too lovelies! Cheers.(:

Love the quirk, love the colours, love everything about this.:D

A good workout deserves a good dessert after!

Say cheeeeeese! WANT.

Interesting. A real Zombie Apocalypse plan A.

My latest read. Some good shit, really.

An amazing project – A Century of Spying.

{Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing by How Sweet It Is/Asparagus Egg Beauregard by Chasing Delicious/Roasted Mushrooms with Spicy Breadcrumbs by Gourmet}

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Cheers to a good ol’ Saturday.

So William and I decided to grab bagels for brunch. The last time I had a bagel was when I was in New York, and to have a cosy bagel stop serve up fresh-baked bagels in New York style just 10 minutes away? It goes without saying that our Saturday brunch just keeps getting better.(:

I had a Lox bagelwich- read: lots of smoked salmon, heavenly cream cheese and sprinkles of spring onion and capers crammed into a hearty poppy seed-topped bagel. William had a Philly Cheese Steak bagelwich with beef strips and the works, and we shared a tomato puree soup and a petite serving of green salad tossed in balsamic. Yums!

On a separate note, I GOT MYSELF A NEW PAIR OF RUNNERS! It’s time to go running again, and hopefully the rain holds up for that in the evening. Did I mention that my pair of Reeboks (that were barely a year old) were stolen right off my front porch? Yup. Sucks.

But anyway, the weekend’s looking good for me. And I hope it is looking just as awesome for all you people too.(:

Birds in so many forms.

For when the Mama Bear in you appears, you’re not alone.


Illustrations by Nick Bear. Preeeety.

Stunning shots of black dogs who are often overlooked for adoptions.

A girl and her English bulldog. LOVE.

{photos by Jolene Tan}

Brooklyn B Bagel Bakery & Cafe
41, Jln SS15/8A, Subang Jaya
Business hours: 10am – 10pm
+603 5611 6553



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Does having a feeling that I’m going to die young render me the reason to live my life the way I do?

I’ve been thinking about the abovementioned thought. They say that rebelliousness often stems from a troubled or somewhat broken childhood, or at least a past experience that has messed you up a little, or a lot, whichever. I didn’t have a horrible childhood, just to be clear. But I have had those really rough moments back then, which I would now, credit them for the person I have sort of become.

That said, it was close to four years back that I began to develop this nudging feeling in me that I would die young. I’d say ‘develop’ because it didn’t just happen overnight. It came and went ever so occasionally that I hardly even noticed it until I began to feel like I wasn’t getting enough out of my life, according to my standards. I set the bars high for myself. I don’t just think I will be great, someday somehow. I actually plan on it. And slowly but steadily, I began to reassess my life – dropping things or matters that to me, didn’t seem to get me to what I wanted out of life. My relationship took a downhill spin, which eventually came to an ugly halt. We wanted different things. Or more accurately, wanted different things. I toyed with the idea of a luxurious living. So I studied full time and worked part time, and eventually saved enough to purchase my first Prada at 20. When I was 18, I wanted a navel piercing. While I didn’t have to sell my soul for it, I did have to make a deal with my mom – to stay in contact with this guy that she felt was husband material for me. In all fairness, he was – let’s just say, he was probably the right person at the wrong time. But I kept in contact with him, until I got the piercing and it was bye. And then I wanted tattoos. In my mom’s own words, “over my dead body!” But I got them anyway, and hid my first from her for a good six months did I. And then three more followed.

People who are close to me would know me as a go-getter. I get what I want, and only because I do whatever it takes to make things happen for me. I don’t believe in coincidence. And sadly, neither do I believe in fate. If something doesn’t sit right in my life, it has to go and it will, eventually. And if something should happen for me, it’s not going to happen unless I grab it by the horns and yank it my way. That’s me.

I’ve always believed in living each day as if it were my last. I save for rainy days, but have no qualms about splurging where I see fit. It makes me happy, and that’s what matters most to me, almost on a daily basis. Because of the feeling that I’d die young, I have also come to see my family in a different light – precious beyond everything else. I will stop what I’m doing to make time for them, and to spoil them with the occasional surprise of a birthday bash or a massage parlour treat or just a good, hearty meal at a swanky restaurant I love. I put aside Saturday mornings to have breakfast with them. It scares me to notice how much they have aged with time, frankly.

And as with most of other disciplines of mine, things began to take a backseat. I felt like I deserved a rest. And thought to myself that perhaps, I was only scaring myself half to death with thinking I would die young because everyone else seemed to be living as if they were guaranteed a good 30 odd more years of life.

But of late, this YOLO (You Only Live Once) thing has become more than a mere 9Gag post to me. It is like a blinding reminder that I was slacking in being me – the go getter, the girl who lived to make each day count. In my head, YOLO now seems like an OPEN bar’s sign in flashing neon lights of red. And I find myself back at that point where I stood four years ago. This time, contemplating bigger, better and bolder possibilities for my life on a different scale. That cafe I wanted to own. Meeting an ex for closure’s sake. Starting that online business. That diving license. The 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th tattoo. That home to call my own. That move abroad. That animal shelter movement. Those red end highlights in my hair. That French class. The painfully enticing VS workout. That right-hand ring. The possibility of committing – something I fear with every ounce of my being. The idea of showing some people the way out of my life because, I just can do without them. Keeping my principles and standing my ground (no matter how ridiculous I seem at times), just because I believe in it.

Because I only live once, and my life is what make of it.

So I’ve figured. Maybe, having a nudging feeling in me that I’d die young does give me a reason to live my life the way I do. But largely, it’s because I just choose to live life the way I do and I shouldn’t doubt myself or let anyone make me doubt myself for it. It might come across as not much of a life, or a pretty self-centered one but at least if I do die tomorrow, I can go knowing that I have never exchanged a single day of my life for mundane nothingness, and that I was pretty close, well somewhat, to checking everything off my bucket list.

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off with the fats_1

Mr. Bentley’s ex used to refer to me as a ‘stick with boobs’, and I’d have you know that I take that as a compliment. Times have changed, and while the boobs part of it probably still sticks, the stick no longer rings true. I am on a quest to return the fats where it should be (not around my belly area, obviously), and to have womanly muscles where cellulite and EDD (Excess Dingle Dangle) now reside.(:

While my Saturdays are for staying in and catching up on some cleaning, reading and whatever not, I swim and gym just about every other week day. And I have to admit that I secretly do a celebratory dance when my thighs get all achy, or when I sneeze and my abs hurt like crap, or my arms feel like they could fall off after those laps. I try to eat healthy, not to mention save money by bringing brunch to work every Tuesdays and Thursdays, for now.

So I whipped up a simple menu to make sure I keep the meat/vege thing in check, and to remind myself that ‘variety is the key to keeping up with the so-called diet’. I don’t do routine that well. Especially not when I have to wake at a painstaking 5am on those days to prep my brunch bag and head off to the gym.

So, here to close the week and begin the weekend are some fine finds I’d love to share with you!

A great acapella worth watching a million times over.

Watch this trailer, and make sure you watch the full movie after. In classic black and white, I love it.

I can’t wait for her to have an album.

A to-the-point read that’ll get you checking your work life, or at least it did mine.

Structured procrastination. A very neat read.

….last but not least, a pack-a-picnic treat that’s oh-so-fab!

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Well hello Weekend!

Glad to report that I started mine reeeaaaaaaly early – 6.30am.(: Gym-ed, swam and made breakfast after – Egg, chicken ham & cheese sandwich!

I’ve been in and out of plans throughout the week to rework my room – a major paint job, moving of furnitures and stuffs. While browsing the internet for random ideas and inspiration, I came across these three amazing things, as pictured, that called out to me. A cute calendar which I can totally imagine having letter pressed as gifts, a cook pan for an eatery’s signage and last but not least, a gorgeous honey jar that is designed to make jaws drop! Pretty things make me happy. Every. Single. Time. Oh and, I cannot stress enough that you MUST check out BEELOVED for the stories behind the honey jar and its logo designs. AMAZING.

Before I leave to pack up my room, here’s a little something to take in the weekend with. Enjoy your weekend while it’s here!

A recent love, love, love.

Fancy being part of a human DNA time capsule?

I would give anything to cook, shoot and write like Ms. Katie.

Allow me to make you fall in love with too-pretty invites.

Did I mention how much I LOVE Anthro already?

Classic flats. I must own a pair, soon!

{calendar design from thedsgnblog/cook pan signage from pinterest:design/honey jar from beeloved}

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weekend wonders: mittens

It’s the weekend, finally! I’m totally psyched about it, albeit having a shoot tomorrow evening. But Monday’s a public holiday- my call to sleep in and have breakfast for lunch.

Here’s a little something to leave you with for the weekend. I hope you all lovelies have a great one!

PS: Mittens was a gift for Mr. Bentley from Shanghai.(: Hand-knitted, and is crazy adorable.

A song for your weekend.

Some awesome mustard for your sandwich.

A wedding stylist’s heaven.

Perfect winter warmers for the tummy

…or some tropical punch?

Gorgeously delicate trinkets to accessorize by.

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hello world!

It’s been close to two years now that I’ve been struggling with the idea of having a cafe of my own. I’m still struggling, if you’re wondering, and am nowhere near fulfilling that wishful/hopeful dream, unfortunately. But I’m sure I’ll get there, someday. And when I do, it’ll be great I know!((:

To start, I thought a blog to document my travels, explorations, journeys and even, my foodie excursions would be good- to hone my writing, designing, and of cos, my iPhone-Instagramming or point-and-shoot skills.(: I’m no entrepreneur/designer/photographer myself, but I need a place to start. I need a platform to be inspired by to put together, and to inspire. This should be it, until I get my registered domain, soon.): I must say I was rather disappointed when the domain was already registered. But anyway, I went ahead to back order it here and am in the waiting list now! HOORAY!(: *fingers crossed*

I really hope I get it, even if that meant a couple years of waiting.(: So here’s my first entry…and more to come!

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