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I don’t know about you but I love organising my emails, work or personal ones alike. Labelled, tagged, colour coordinated – you name it, I’ve most probably tried it. It seems like a great move that tells my brain that I’ve productively gone through my emails, categorised them for the trash, bills to pay, deals to consider, or read later.

It’s great! You should try it.(:

So anyway, I came across a whole lot of good stuff that was Starred and tagged for later reading, which I couldn’t make time for, up until yesterday. I know I’ve skipped a million rounds of Weekend Wonders postings, so here’s making it up with a whole lotta good stuff for this weekend.

Beauties, have an amazing weekend ahead!

A new hit by Ms. Bareilles.

Not sorry for wanting a work/life balance.
ps: Stefan Sagmeister’s TED video is a MUST watch!

Lettering, love.

A dish that I’ll be cooking up today!

It’s ideal to call it quits.
ps: This helped push me to my decision of quiting my previous job and moving on to things that felt right.

Chicken parm! Chicken parm! Chicken parm!:D

{lettering hands at typographyserved}

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Today is February the 1st.
And tomorrow, February the 2nd marks the beginning of the end — my last day as a Project Editor where I work.

Yes, I finally did it. I resigned.(:

I must say it ended in an utterly undesirable state, but that is a long story in itself, which I’d probably put into writing some time this week. But for now, let me just prepare myself for the two months notice that I will have to serve, beginning tomorrow, and for all the drama that will inevitably follow. Am so not looking forward to it but on the bright side, two more months and I am out.

For those who are wondering about the lead up to my decision to calling it quits, read this and this for the gist of it. All these aside, weekend gems for you lovelies as usual! Have a great, great Monday ahead wherever you are!

Love, thought out loud by Ed Sheeran.

Cheese! And a career with it. How creative!

A v. light read.(:

Gorgeous, gorgeous chocolates by Nendo. And rubber bands, and chopsticks, and transparent wood, and ice cream cakes.

Gratitude, on the scale of success.

I’ve found a new love. Meet UGMONK.(:

{keeping things small by Ugmonk at 99U Team}

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Hello everybody, please meet Mr. Riccardo Guasco.

Hailing from Alessandria, a small town in Italy, Mr. Guasco is an (amazing) illustrator which I first stumbled upon browsing Pinterest. I love his work, and I love the way his colours, lines and ideas come together to give his illustrations and paintings so much meaning.


Here are just some of his artworks. For more, there’s always a riccardoguasco.com to go to!(: Also, here’s a Q+A with the illustrator himself, by Pushing Pixels, and if you follow arts on Behance, here’s Mr. Guasco on it too. Go ahead and enjoy his amazing pieces!

On a separate note, it’s been so long since I did a weekend post. I must have you know how much I missed writing, especially signing off the weekends with a handful of gems for your reading and listening pleasure.

I am back!

So, cheers to the weekend ahead and three more cheers for my first Weekend post in 2015.

The must raved about Sugar by Maroon 5.(:

If I had a space of my own, I swear some rooms would scream LAMPIONE!

Ham & cheese toasties, anyone? Yes please!

Read: the science behind break ups.

Get back at someone glitterbomb style!

Here’s one for the ocean. Love.

{Mr. Illustrator from Riccardoguasco.com}

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I haven’t written in a long while. Heck, I haven’t even Instagram-ed anything in a really long while, hence the stark absence of my Instant Months posts – my last being September.

2014 is about to come to an end, and to be honest, all I could think of was how bad it has been. I had a lot to deal with, from work related matters, to a flurry of funerals and hospitalisations that required my (almost) immediate attention, inevitably forcing me into a place of spreading myself thin, in efforts to meet my deadlines/catch up with friends/spend time with my family/work my church duties/make time for myself and so much more.

But I’ve grown. It’s been a tough year but I’ve grown, and I choose to carry that with me from the rough and turbulent everything else the year chucked my way.

Every new year, there are two seasons that garner big resolutions – the beginning of it, and six months into it. Yup, and I used to be (or might still be) a sucker for all that too. Come 2015, there are just three things I’d like to make happen.

1. Dive
2. Get fit.
3. Be happy.

It’s not much, but it’s really quite a lot when I think about it. You know what I mean?

This shot was taken on my recent trip to Singapore. This bunch of workers were putting up, or painting down, whichever, a fresh new Hump Ahead sign. It was a work of art, if you actually saw how they did it. Them – chalk, rulers and paint in hand, it was like watching someone work up a typography poster, large scale, freehand. Love.

And I just thought I’d immortalise their work that would very soon be weathered down by rain and shine, tyre marks and soiled footprints.

This is a reminder, that there will be hump(s) ahead, whether you are ready for them, whether you approve of them or not. All you got to do is to hit the road, enjoy the ride, and make the most out of wherever you are headed for. 2015 will be okay, if not better than 2014.

We’ll all be okay.(: So to everyone out there, Merry Christmas and have a happy, happy New Year! Whatever your resolutions are, just remember to live every moment, good or bad/happy or sad. xx

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Some days, I do wonder what it’s like to walk around with a cloud of my own.
And today is just one of those days.
Much like this picture, I feel like my insides are all weathered down, empty, ugly and disfigured.
And all I want is a puff of something to keep me company.

It’s been a tough week. A real tough week. But I’m praying that it gets better.

I hope you lovelies are enjoying your weekend though.(: xo

An interesting art installation and it’s story.

Nimbus. Love.

I’d love to have some ice cream, please!

A very interesting place I’d love to see.

This would right any horrid day. Yums!

Here’s one for the graphic designers.:D

{Nimbus by Berndnaut Smilde on ModernMet}

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Working Saturdays.

I am blogging from the photo studio today. Yup! It’s a working Saturday for me. It’s been somewhat of a crazy week for me, and it is only going to get crazier from here.

Amidst all the craziness, I am looking forward to a rearrangement of workspaces at my work place.(: I will be giving up my window seat of sunshine goodness to a new Assistant Manager, and I will be taking up a larger desk area that overlooks my designers – and according to my boss, so that I can keep an eye on them too. Haha!

Also, my new iPad mini arrived. And it has recorded its first video – an awesome F-3 Championship League that my friend was participating in! Videos aside, I’ve also finally been able to Flipboard in peace since. And so far, I’ve been loving every bit of it. Found a ton of stuff to share with you guys for the weekend.(:

To Dave Greywall our champion, you fought a good fight and congratulations on your first win! To all you people out there, have a great, great weekend and enjoy these gems!

This week’s tune.

Liquid swirls can’t get better than this!

Somewhat disturbing, but an interesting read anyway.

Doodles to note.(:

Brain matters.

3 questions to ask before you ‘Do what you love’.

{abstract liquids by Kim Keever}

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