I haven’t written in a long while. Heck, I haven’t even Instagram-ed anything in a really long while, hence the stark absence of my Instant Months posts – my last being September.

2014 is about to come to an end, and to be honest, all I could think of was how bad it has been. I had a lot to deal with, from work related matters, to a flurry of funerals and hospitalisations that required my (almost) immediate attention, inevitably forcing me into a place of spreading myself thin, in efforts to meet my deadlines/catch up with friends/spend time with my family/work my church duties/make time for myself and so much more.

But I’ve grown. It’s been a tough year but I’ve grown, and I choose to carry that with me from the rough and turbulent everything else the year chucked my way.

Every new year, there are two seasons that garner big resolutions – the beginning of it, and six months into it. Yup, and I used to be (or might still be) a sucker for all that too. Come 2015, there are just three things I’d like to make happen.

1. Dive
2. Get fit.
3. Be happy.

It’s not much, but it’s really quite a lot when I think about it. You know what I mean?

This shot was taken on my recent trip to Singapore. This bunch of workers were putting up, or painting down, whichever, a fresh new Hump Ahead sign. It was a work of art, if you actually saw how they did it. Them – chalk, rulers and paint in hand, it was like watching someone work up a typography poster, large scale, freehand. Love.

And I just thought I’d immortalise their work that would very soon be weathered down by rain and shine, tyre marks and soiled footprints.

This is a reminder, that there will be hump(s) ahead, whether you are ready for them, whether you approve of them or not. All you got to do is to hit the road, enjoy the ride, and make the most out of wherever you are headed for. 2015 will be okay, if not better than 2014.

We’ll all be okay.(: So to everyone out there, Merry Christmas and have a happy, happy New Year! Whatever your resolutions are, just remember to live every moment, good or bad/happy or sad. xx

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