I’ve been itching to cook of late.

Okay, well. In all honesty, I’ve been itching to do a lot of things of late – run, cook, bake, sign up for that magazine subscription, tell off a friend, buy an oven, house hunt, go for a massage, have more oysters, book a scrub down, learn photography, have my own grocer, day-trip to Singapore, to name a few.

But let’s focus on the cooking part of it all for today. So I’ve been checking out some (easier, a lot less tedious) recipes to (hopefully) start with, one of the weekends. Let me tempt you with this, this and this for now, all as pictured!

My runners have seen daylight, so I’m doing pretty okay I suppose. Haha! (Let the cooking and eating begin!)

I foresee a crazy week ahead. But for now, I’m going to kick back, write, sip on tea while it pours outside and love my weekend and everything about it. And I hope you would too lovelies! Cheers.(:

Love the quirk, love the colours, love everything about this.:D

A good workout deserves a good dessert after!

Say cheeeeeese! WANT.

Interesting. A real Zombie Apocalypse plan A.

My latest read. Some good shit, really.

An amazing project – A Century of Spying.

{Spinach Salad with Hot Bacon Dressing by How Sweet It Is/Asparagus Egg Beauregard by Chasing Delicious/Roasted Mushrooms with Spicy Breadcrumbs by Gourmet}

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  1. Sally says:

    Inspiring and delicious round up.

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