Have you had those times when you had a flurry of thoughts or opinions, perhaps while you were driving home, or taking a dump, or just stoning, and it sounded really good or nasty in your head you wished you could just put it out there as your Facebook status, but never actually getting to it simply because it’s better embargoed for a more appropriate time, or just too nasty (that you’d rather save it for a face off when you meet Ms/Mr. What’s-her/his-face)?

I do. Especially when I’m upset, frustrated or just plain PMS-ing and feeling very strongly about a particular something. Haha! Hence, this is me starting Things She Should’ve Said. So welcome! Welcome to my thought space that could’ve been on my Facebook wall’s space.

To kick this off, here’s a background to my first entry to this collection. I met a friend for coffee and cake the other day and because it’s been awhile since we last caught up, I told her that it was my treat. Her reply? “No! Let’s split the bill! Why? You think I don’t have money?” An “Oh thanks! Next one’s on me!” would have been much appreciated, really. And on a previous encounter, the person I insisted on getting drinks for actually said, “Why? Are you stupid?” Totally unnecessary, impolite and inappropriate.


Dear friends, take this as your day’s lesson. When someone offers to give you a treat, keep your smart-assed comments to yourself. I don’t care if you are a client, a good friend, a relative, an acquaintance, or if you’re rich or poor, it’s time you grew up and learn to say your Thank You’s graciously, and allow the giver the simple pleasure of playing host. When you decline so inappropriately to an offer, it inevitably makes me suspect you make a very poor host yourself.

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