Just about a week ago, I decided to join the creative community, Behance. The amount of amazing stuff in there is Crazy. Crazy with a capital C. I will never stop being incredibly in awe and impressed by all the beautiful, beautiful work that people around the world have created, and are creating. I wish I had just a teeny tiny bit of their talent, really.

A big fan of illustrations, I handpicked a handful of those I love and thought I’d share it with you people, right here. If you aren’t a Behance member yet, you should be. Especially if you’re in the field and need some ideas and inspirations!

Here’s also a quick reminder that Mom’s Day is next week!(: So it’s time to whip up a feast for the Queen of your heart, or give her that long-distance phone call you’ve been missing, or treat her to a massage, or make her that card…or anything at all. As for me, my parents (Mom + Dad’s Day combined) are in a massage as I write this, as a treat from me. And then we’re off to a hearty lunch!

So, get crackin’ on ways to show Mommy + Daddy the extra loooooove. Happy weekend friends!

taxidermy artist.
p.s.: I’ve always been very intrigued by taxidermy. And this video is pretty cool, sans the gore I was expecting. Lol

A very creative piece by luxury label Hermes.

Something we can all probably relate to – CONSTIPATION. Haha!

An impressive illustration of how deep the Ocean Shield goes.
p.s.: Ever since the disappearance of flight MH 370, I’ve been reading up the Ocean Shield and it’s amazing use. Impressive.

Forget Disneyland. How about Doomsday Disney?

Too cute! Cross-stitched goodness (or badness)? Haha.(:

{illustrations for Le Duo Pour Ideat Magazine on Behance}

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