instant april

Dear God, April’s been good. Thank You.

So, April marked the beginning of new things in my life – new people, new workspace, new experiences, and above all, a new happiness. I find myself feeling beyond blessed at times like this, really.(:

April also marked the end of my friend’s hospital stay of over a month due to a bike accident. And I can’t thank God enough for keeping him alive and well through out his rehabilitation, as he battled a broken arm, fractured ribs and a lacerated liver. Today, he stands well and healthy, resting up to prepare him for the arm surgery he will undergo in a week’s time. To all who knew him, and to those who didn’t know him but read about him through my post and prayed for him anyway, thank you so, so much!

And now comes May, which, similar to every other month, I pray would be merciful and fruitful. I hope that May takes me places – mentally, spiritually and physically. I hope that May inspires me to do more, laugh more and see only the best in people and situations. And it’s my greatest hop that May does all that and more for you too, my friends.

Have an amazing May, as we countdown oh-too-soon to the mid of year 2014! Cheers!

Instant Months is a compilation of my month in Instagram shots. Check out the rest of my months here, or follow me on Instagram.

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