Did you know that a male penguin would look for the nicest pebble and present it to its mate as a gift of love and affection, and if the female penguin accepts the pebble, that also means she accepts the male penguin as her mate?(: It’s true! You can read it all here.

Just a couple of weeks back, I was running a quick Google search on the types of (real) penguins and came across some really impressive creative ads by advertising agency Y&R Malaysia for world renowned publishing house, Penguin Books. Shown above is just one of the many creatives by Y&R Malaysia for Penguin Books’ audio books. A brilliant piece! Go ahead and Google Penguin Books Malaysia and enjoy the rest of their amazing works.

And for the weekend, here’s leaving you a handful of handpicked goodies to fill up on. Have a great weekend, friends!

Types of sneezes. A really funny watch!

You’ve been eyeballed. An incredibly eye-catching art installation.

To add to my wish list of books to read – Letters of Note.

A time piece for your man, perhaps?

This bunny deserves to be on my phone. Adorbs!

Love the colour, love the shape. Organization at its most creative!
p.s.: I’ll be moving work station come Monday. Packing my current work space has been a massive task but I got to it, successfully! So yay! Anyway, more pictures of the shift/upgrade soon.

{The Pied Piper of Hamlin audio book ad by Y&R Kuala Lumpur at Adeevee}

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