fallin floyd

Hi there! It’s the great, great, long awaited weekend again!(: School reopened just this week, and the traffic has been nothing but horrid. I was stuck 10 steps just right out of my driveway for a good 45 minutes. I would have turned back and called in sick if it wasn’t for the fact that I had a shoot that very morning.

Anyway, aside from the week’s crazy traffic report, everything else within the seven days of this week has been great. Exhausting, but great nonetheless! Had my aunt and cousin over for five days, which doesn’t need mentioning that a lot of eating have been happening. Haha! Then there was work that just kept multiplying – mood boards to be completed, accounts that had to be identified urgently and closed, copy to be written, audio files to be transcribed, propping to be completed, magazine to be wrapped up, and lots of paperwork to be done and filed.

But now, the weekend is here and beckoning for a cup of coffee as it pours right outside. So here I am at Cosans Coffee, sharing with you some weekend gems that I personally enjoyed myself. Enjoy!

I’m liking how bare Perri’s hit is.

As pictured above, this is one animation I could watch over, and over, and over again.(: Thugs at my heart strings every.single.time.

Screwing that only gets friendlier. How creative!

Bet you never thought of what it was like to make a living naming things. Me neither!

The sketch of a life.

I am incredibly impressed with 3D-printing, how it works and above it all, the change it is making in this world.

{Fallin’ Floyd by Anikey Studios at The Fox Is Black}

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  1. thepanta says:

    Those friendly screws are so funny!

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