instant march

March, March, March.

March has been fleeting. There’s been so much that have happened within the weeks of this month, both good and bad.

The good: adding to my portfolio a new interior designing and styling job that I’m really happy with, a trip to amazing Bali, and catching Captain America two days in a row with fun people.

The bad: MH370’s mysterious disappearance, an ex-colleague’s demise that I found out only six months after, and a friend’s motor accident that has left him with a broken arm, fractured ribs, a lacerated liver, and internal bleeding that almost took his life.

Ka Kin, we are all rooting for you to get better and back on your feet soonest. We can’t wait to accompany you on a food hunt as soon as you can be discharged, to put back on all that you’ve lost. It’s been close to a month now since you’ve been in hospital but I hope you know how much your friends and family love you, and we hope only that you fight a good fight and get back up.

To the friends and families of passengers and crew members onboard flight MH370, my heart and prayer go out to you all, praying that you’d find the strength to face such a hard time of such an immense lost. I know the verdict of a crash seems almost unbelievable, but even as the world pull together their efforts to look for any signs bearing a possible link to the missing flight, I hope we will all stay strong and keep encouraging each other – as a friend, a search partner, a political figure, a relative, a pen pal – that we will just keep on keeping on. To all those who are out there doing the handwork of searching for any signs of the flight, thank you, thank you, and thank you. The world will never be able to thank you enough for all that you’ve done, and the stress that you’ve taken upon yourself to be part of.

April, I hope you bear good news and great opportunities in every way imaginable. I am counting on you. No, I mean…the world is counting on you.

Instant Months is a compilation of my month in Instagram shots. Check out the rest of my months here, or follow me on Instagram.

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