As Chris Yoon (that’s his work in the portrait shot up there!) writes, The Lost Art of Hand Lettering, I couldn’t help but think, think, think about it, and then decide to concur with his thoughts. I think there are lesser and lesser designers out there that have a regard for it, and that is rather sad. It is a beautiful art that would come in so useful! Imagine receiving, or giving a personalised card, or filling that huge empty wall with a gorgeous, gorgeous lettering poster! Love.

I’ve always had this obsession with lettering. From bodily tattoos to the menu boards at cafes, and even packaging, lettering has always been something I’ve loved to observe, and to daydream about being able to create gorgeous letterings myself, really.

But anyway, while daydreaming does half the job for me, I have found a whole lot of lettering inspirations that I want to share with you. There’s the quirky, the serious, the crazy sophisticated, as pictured above!

If you have an amazing hand at lettering, I SALUTE you. But if like me, you don’t but still adore lettering as much, please hop on my boat and let’s daydream together, of us lettering like a pro, someday.

As always, have a great weekend lovelies!

This week’s tune!

A little piece of Chris Yoon, and a whole lot more.

Aitch’s fruity women!

Shop a little lettering.

Fancy yourself some lettering classes?(:

A week in lettering.

…and an extra dose of glorious lettering for the week, just because!

{The Lost Art by Chris Yoon at Sans & Serif/Mortlake by Greg Coulton/Fruity Women by Aitch at Creative Bloq}

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