instant novemberEveryone is aware of the Instagram hype and how just over a matter of weeks (or even hours?) since the app was introduced, everyone became an awesome photographer instantaneously thanks to the filters it offered. But I think what really sets the great users worth following apart from the I-shall-Instagram-everything users is the way they #1 compose their shots and #2 caption their shots. I never came close to becoming an Instagram-whore luckily, but what I failed to do was to pay attention to my captions. That was until I started following Colin Cabalka on Instagram.

This guy is amazing. And so are his subjects – his wife, his life and above all, his journeys.

So I’ve learnt now, to put more thought into my posts that go up on Instagram. It’s not about being ‘deep’ and ‘philosophical’, like some think it to be. But instead, I’d like to think that there’s a story to every picture that’s worth telling, and from your followers’ view – worth reading.

So here’s my November, in a handful of Instagram shots. If you’d like to follow me on Instagram, please feel free to!(:

Instant Months is a compilation of my month in Instagram shots. Check out the rest of my months here, or follow me on Instagram.

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