Good morning lovelies!

So it’s the end of November. I’m hoping for a better month ahead. I believe we could all use that.

…December rings in with Christmas carols, lots of shopping and all of that yuletide hype. Have you shopped for the holidays yet? I haven’t. I usually have things sorted by this time of the year but I’m thinking I’d let loose for once, forget the gift-shopping bit and just have a good dinner with my family, maybe even cook one.

If you have ticked off everyone on your gift list, kudos and great job! But if you haven’t, don’t stress just yet. There are plenty of things you can do that will make up for, or make an even greater gift, I’d say. Read: cooking and entertaining. And while at it, you can even Instagram your preparation, finished meal, table settings and guests! Also, maybe it’s a good year to start writing those Christmas cards and posting them to your favourite people scattered around town, or the globe alike.

I was working on some initial designs for my design blog yesterday and loved the way the whole thing turned out. It’s a bit too early to reveal anything at the moment but I hope when I’ve compiled just enough designs to make more than a couple of posts, I will let you guys in on it, so as to not disappoint you, or myself should the project not kick of ever (this happened many times before). I am still however, hunting for an authentic letterpress printer in Kuala Lumpur. Yes, hunting is the exact word I will use over and over again because it is that crazy just looking for one. Locally, people are not receptive to letterpress, for its price and perhaps because they don’t appreciate such an extent of customisation, that also goes back to the costs. But I personally love it; love the effect, love the textures and especially love it when the ink doesn’t sit entirely perfect. It’s like perfection in the imperfection.(: Haha!

I’m off to meet some friends for breakfast, and then lunch. So please enjoy these gems for the weekend and enjoy your day to its fullest!

p.s.: The sun is out and my flowers are finally singing, “Glory hallelujah!” It’s been pouring and they’ve been drowning in an excess of rainwater. Hooray!

Been listening to lots of Jason Reeves’ pieces, like this and this.

Did I read smoked salmon bagels? Yums.:9
p.s.: Oh and the photography in this blog? LOVE.

Stories that make your subway ride feel less horrid.

I love this publication, and am thinking of subscribing to it. *rubs chin*

If you get the Malaysian slang with the whole -lah, -leh and more, read all of this.
p.s.: I found myself laughing to myself at countless posts.

Another food blog to note with superb photography.
p.s.: If you have more food blogs with great photography to share, please let me know!

{garden bloom by Jolene Tan}

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