Have you ever had those times when you did something – something perhaps almost never thought of, and so crazy it is an incredibly life changing testimony, and one that you would actually say, “I can die now” to, with absolutely no regrets.

This was my I can die now moment yesterday.

On Wednesday, I was on my home and just around the corner from my where I work; I saw this black and white dog sitting by the roadside, just next to the grassy curb. I didn’t stop or think much about it because I thought it was very normal for strays to sit around wherever and whenever they please. And just yesterday, on the way back from lunch with my photographer, I saw the same dog at the same place, and in the same position. It was raining and there was a lady with an umbrella squatting next to the dog, and from my distance I could see a Styrofoam food pack next to the dog. And that was when I knew something just wasn’t right.

My photographer dropped me back to office and I immediately drove out to where the dog was. Apparently the both the dog’s hind legs are injured, fractured or broken perhaps. This lady, Margie who was there to help tried to strap a muzzle on the wounded dog but she wasn’t quick enough so it ran a short distance, completely dragging its hind legs behind it and hid head first under Margie’s car. Wedged between the curb and under her car, the dog kept growling when we tried to coax her out from her position. I made a few vet calls and so did Margie, but the good ones were out on their house-call rounds. So she hopped in my car and we drove to Kota Damansara to get a vet to come with us to tranquilize the dog, and that’ll help us get her out from under the car, into a box and to the vet safely.

Dr. Chan came with us to administer the tranquilizer, and she was out in a couple of minutes and we lifted her into Margie’s ride and off she went to the vet.

Dear Margie, I couldn’t think of a better person that could have come to the dog’s aid. Though we’ve only known each other a little more in that short ride to the vet’s, I think you are an amazing lady in your own rights. The heart you have for these furry friends go beyond everything else, and I know there really is no better aid than yourself and your friend, Charmaine who first alerted you of the dog.

After my photographer and I placed the dog in Margie’s backseat, I couldn’t help but feel like today was an amazing day. Almost always, we tend to think that someone will rescue, someone will feed, and someone will adopt these poor animals. But we fail to realize that to everyone else, we are that ‘someone’ to them as well, and we are all just sitting around and hoping for everyone else but ourselves to get their hands dirty.

If it were a person by the roadside, it wouldn’t have taken this long for someone to come to his or her aid. People turn a deaf ear and a blind eye just because it’s an animal – a life we think is worth less than ours, more often than note. That’s what is incredibly heart-breaking. But I choose to believe that there are many more people like Margie out there in the world, saving, rescuing and loving these animals like their own kind.

After the whole ordeal, I went back to my office, washed my hands and sat down to a hot cup of tea, thinking…I can die now.

{Dr. Chan administering the tranquilizer shot while the poor fella continues to hide head first under Margie’s ride}

p.s.: Margie and her friends work together to spay and release strays so that they don’t reproduce and elevate the problem of strays on their streets. Their works are absolutely not for profit, and above all, funds and subsidies are entirely raised or requested for by the team of people. The dog is now under medication and observation. The vet is giving it two weeks to see if it regains its ability to walk before proceeding with any further procedures from there on.

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