So I’m slowly picking up my pace in life. And getting used to being entirely on my own. I know this sounds crazy silly but I haven’t been single in a really long time, and this is a phase that definitely needs some getting used to. I miss the morning texts, the random midday chats, the holding hands and the togetherness of it all. But the biggest shift perhaps is just knowing there’s no one there to celebrate life with.

But on the bright side, I am out of the horrible-grieving phase. While not in its entirety, it’s a significantly good start to well, things. Perhaps its the busy schedule I’m packing on at work, or maybe it’s just some sort of a shutdown mechanism my brain gears into to keep my being functioning. I’ve been back on my feet with my health, and not to mention my blog space. Slowly, but steadily.

I went to the printer’s this morning to check on my magazine’s progress, ironed out the pages and am now finding time for a quick Weekend Wonders update for all you lovelies (whom I am guilty of neglecting for the past weeks)! To all out there who’s fighting a battle of your own, no matter what the scale of it might be, I pray hope you learn to take things day by day and to never lose sight of hope even in the bleakest nights. The ugly truth is that things will get worse before it gets better but, you’ll survive. I’ll survive. We will survive, because we are tough cookies.(:

Enjoy these gems I have for you and above all, HAPPY WEEKEND!

More in love, Jason Reeves.
p.s.: I’ve always wanted Train’s Marry Me for my wedding walk. But a friend beat me to it. So I found another, loved it and am sharing it with you.

Vintage illustrations, as pictured above!

Redesigning the Pegman.
p.s.: I never knew it was called the Pegman, up until now.

When love learns to dance.

Boudoir pictures described in a word – Gorgeous.

Errand apps for the organiser in you.
p.s.: While not all seven apps are applicable to us in Malaysia, it’s really still quite interesting to poke around!

Fun quiz to figure what sort of a productive person you are!

{vintage illustration by Mads Berg via weandthecolor}

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