I know this post is crazy overdue. And I am aware that I have previously mentioned of a reasonably elaborate NYC post to come, which I have successfully failed at. I have to keep reminding myself never to hold off a post, especially those journaling my travels because I find it hard to come back to it, almost close to forcing myself to regurgitate the excitement and ecstasy experienced then, only to write about it now – as in months, months later. Hah!

Exploring New York, more precisely Manhattan and Brooklyn on foot is, in my opinion what made the trip incredibly exciting. The city is gridded, as with Melbourne, making it a no-brainer making out roads, streets and junctions. The only problem is, throw together a lot number and a loooooong street, and you get the “Crap. Which end is this lot on on this street?” So believe or not, I’ve walked plenty of streets, from one end to the other. There should be an easier way to go about this, I believe. I just haven’t found it. That said, exploring the streets from end to end does have its perks, like all the little shops I’ve never read about, been told of or seen listed in my guide book. Perfect!

There’s so much to buy in New York, really. And I must mention that I was close to overweighting my luggage load on my flight back! If there’s one place I’d recommend to everyone visiting NYC, it would be Chelsea Market. I.LOVE.THAT.PLACE. I stayed a few blocks away from Chelsea Market and practically made rounds there for my morning coffee/lunch/tea/dinner/stationery shopping/souvenir loot/trinket shopping (I’ve been hunting for a wishbone pendant and got it right there!) and a whole lot more. This place is cosy, warm and insanely inviting. And writing about it now makes me miss it too much.

Oh! And their grocers are superb. Read Whole Foods Market that was right around the corner from my first apartment I stayed in. Heirloom tomatoes? Check. Incredibly green greens? Check. Fresh cherries and blueberries going cheap, cheap, cheap? Check. Mast Brothers chocolate? Check. Yummy ready-to-drink soups by the bowl? Check. And for all the beer lovers out there, you even get to bottle your own beer right in their liquor department! Neat.

I will, without a doubt want to go back to the States. San Fran, Seattle, California and the list goes on with places I want to experience. I hate to have to mention that I was somewhat disappointed that I was only granted a six months U.S. visa and will have to go back to getting grilled (okay fine, it’s just an interview but still…) should I want to get my next visa application.

If it’s a city trail you’re after, NYC is all that and more.(: So go, travel and explore your hearts out!

{New York, New York! by Jolene Tan}

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