I have come to notice a pattern of ‘likes’ to blog entries – the happy ones, the ones with an opening visual. And the ones that inevitably get the lesser likes are the ones that ponder life, or a similar equation to that. Don’t get me wrong; it’s perfectly fine that things are that way.

I wasn’t expecting any response whatsoever to this entry of mine, until a random Jack Saunsea came by and gave it a like, which lead me to read on with his entry that brought me to a comment left by one of WordPress’ fellow bloggers – each of us needs to be uncomfortable at least some of the time. I couldn’t help but immediately wonder if this was my moment of discomfort that I need to be in. I have always believed that things will only get worse before it gets better but boy oh boy, you do not know how badly I pray and hope that this phase is the lowest of the curve and that things can only go up from here.

Dearest Jack Saunsea,
If you’re reading this, thank you. Thank you for dropping by my blog and in return, encouraging me not just with your post but also with your reader’s comment. I’d love to attempt living in step with the wind, and simply being.

I’m at a very trying phase of my life when making the uncomfortable, comfortable is really not much of a choice I have. I don’t know where and what I’m headed for, but I’ll take a leap of faith right off the cliff and hope I’d amaze myself, somewhere somehow.

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One thought on “IN STEP WITH THE WIND

  1. jacksaunsea says:

    I can only speak from the experience. And I can say that although we are always living in the present we are not always in tune to engaging and fully living “in step with the wind.” Travel and exploration is a main part of who I am and what I want to do in life, and those many times where I have been traveling through a city with absolutely no clue as to what to do, are the times when I’ve been overwhelmed with new daily relationships, friendships, work i enjoy doing, and I feel most alive. It’s like in letting go of everything I find security with – letting go of control – I am more secure than ever. Again, from my experience 🙂

    You will know where the wind is blowing. And you will know when you are trying to force it to blow a certain direction (which in my experience are the travels that haven’t worked out so well). Trust yourself and trust others. Relationships are the key that enables us to live the adventure.

    I am incredibly honored by you and thrilled to hear that my words brought some encouragement to your life.

    You’re awesome!

    – Jack

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