Sorry this space has been idle for close to a month now.):

I haven’t been in the best of shape to keep the postings of late. Things have been pretty rough for myself and Mr. Bentley, and I’ve been in the moodiest shade of grey imaginable. We haven’t met in about three months now. It is not a long distance relationship, but just a very hostile phase, I’d say. I miss him. And I miss the days we’ve had.

Since the taking of this new job of his, he has been incredibly busy. People say that thinking of it as a long distance relationship would perhaps make things more bearable, but for me, just knowing that we live about a five minutes drive away and still don’t get to meet – yup, that kills me. I’m learning to cope with the distance very slowly, actually it is a bit too slow for my liking. I really find myself struggling with it.

I used to be the busy one. And he used to be the one who’d get all whiney about my workload and now that the tables have turned, I am not liking it one bit. It’s been rough. We talked, argued, decided that a time off would be good, then decided the time off isn’t good (because I really couldn’t live with it) and a lot more of other stuffs. We’ve just been through a lot and I hate it when things are slipping through my grasp, and I feel like a winner at a losing game.

I took time off to head to Singapore for a break away from things, to get things off my mind. But it’s madness to return to a place filled with so much memories of our good times together, even though we were here no more than five times, really. It still feels like our place, for some reason.

Mr. Bentley, if you get to reading this, whenever that might be, or maybe even never, I love you. And I will wait it out.

{A humorous Love You Note found on Pinterest}

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