There will come a time that you will realise that there are things to give up, people to let go and pasts to forget. And perhaps, mine is now.

Mr. Bentley and I are going thru a rough patch. Since he started work at this new place, we haven’t met or spoken in a million years. Well, not that long but it sure does feel that way. And I inevitably feel like I’m losing grip of things, although I must say I enjoy the freedom but perhaps, a little effort of working around that crazy busy schedule wouldn’t hurt.

But I take comfort in the times spent with people I used to find so hard to make time for. And just last Friday, did two You Only Live Once items that I can now check off my Things to do before I die list – write a closure email, and make a very, random friend.

To all of you lovelies enjoying your weekend, life is short. So spend it in the company of people (or animals) who matter because there’s not going to be enough someday I wills for you to be with them, trust me.

Have a great weekend.

An amazing song I’ve loved for awhile.

LEGO’s Parisian cafe out in Jan 2014!

Eerie but pretty. The last house standing.

Matthew Perry’s (Chandler Bing of Friends) pad! LOVE.

Sad, very sweet and incredibly inspiring.

Way to house a giraffe.:D

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