I can never bring myself to write about animals, despite how much they mean to me. I can never get to half the posting without first bawling my eyes out already. It’s madness. But today, it’s more anger than heartache.

If everyone could ask but one question when they meet God, I’d ask why He’d let his four-legged creations suffer.

In one of my previous Weekend Wonders post, I put up a video about a Malay couple that opened their hearts to stray in ways that many wouldn’t, or couldn’t, and how our local authorities have harassed them, taking back the land they set up their shelter on and forcing them to find a new place. The good news is, they were given a little bit more time to look for a new place, and the bad news is it’s still not enough time for them to find an ideal land to settle upon. News like this breaks my heart. Especially when a documentary sheds light on a plight, only to have the authorities finding faults with whatever’s been highlighted.

As mentioned in the same blog post, Malaysia is a Muslim country. And over the years, the Muslim teachings have taken an unfortunate negative twist to suggest that dogs are ‘haram’, translated as sinful. And that is why this video went viral at one point.

I’ve been following Malaysia Independent Animal Rescue (MIAR) on Facebook and recently, there’s been yet another video that’s gone viral – one on how our local Kajang council (MPKJ) catch strays and put them down. It’s pure torture. Please go and watch it here. Make those clicks count because in my honest opinion, Malaysia’s laws for animal cruelty are just shit loads of bullshit that take no effect whatsoever. Sometimes, I wished these video would go so crazily viral that PETA or some big anti-animal cruelty body would step in and give the issue the resolution it needs, like putting idiotic people who mistreat animals behind bars, or give them a whipping or something. Just anything. Anything would be better than the Malaysian laws that are so twisted.

There are times I don’t know if people are turning a deaf ear and a blind eye to these animals’ plight because they can’t bring themselves to see and hear of the amount of gory pain that is inflicted on these four-legged creations, or if they are just plain ignorant and do not want to have any association with them, unless of course it’s picking out a thousand dollar pedigree breed for a house pet that will perhaps be kept till the fun runs out. I am disappointed in the human race for this one very reason – that we value our lives more than those of these animals. It’s crazy. The bad, angry kind of crazy.

As a Christian, I’d still say I believe in karma. I want to believe in karma. Maybe because it puts my mind at the slightest ease possible knowing that bad things will happen to bad people. Maybe because it gives me a hope that someone sees and knows their pain. Maybe because it’s an outlet for all the anger I’m bottling up towards the numbskulls beyond sick in the head.

I don’t know. I just believe in karma because it’s a lot easier on a lot of grounds, I suppose.

p.s.: There are a million shelters out there that could use whatever funding anyone and everyone can give – resources or finances alike, so if you can, please give to them generously. If you can find the time, go volunteer at a shelter. Change their lives as they’d change yours, even if that meant for just a day before they are put down. The animals will love us for it.

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