This week has been all about new chapters – my cousin’s wedding and a brand new life as man and wife; Google’s turning 15 just yesterday and today, my sister officially turns 29, a year short of the big 3-0.

It’s been an amazing week for myself. I apologize for missing my weekend posting last Saturday as my hands were full just helping my cousin get all prepped and ready for her big day. Sorry!

Yesterday, the world’s most loved search engine (or at least it feels that way) Google turned 15. And if you didn’t already know that Google has the most awesome Google doodles every now and then, this is me telling you that YES! Google does have the most awesome Google doodles. In celebration of it’s 15th birthday, Google had this cute piñata-whacking doodle as soon as you accessed the search engine, as shown above. It’s simple yet incredibly fun! The kind of fun that just makes my day after all the editing/proofreading/writing tasks I was drilling at the entire of yesterday. There are more mind-blowing tricks that Google has had up their sleeves over the years, so here’s a list for you all to get trying!

It was also yesterday that I ended my love affair with John Green’s novel, The Fault in our Stars. I tried not to read it too quickly, simply because it was so good. But alas, all good things must come to an end and so did this good read of mine. I’m on the hunt for another read, and at the same time trying to save up for an iPad upgrade so that I can read my books and magazines at ease. It’s been lagging and stuffing up quite a bit and the guys at Apple’s clinic said my first generation purchase can’t cope with the increasingly faster/bigger/better apps. Pfft. That’s just great news.

My sister’s boyfriend is throwing her a surprise birthday bash so I’ve got to go get the food ready and catch up on some work now. Have a great day ahead, lovelies. And enjoy the weekend, as always!

A personal favourite by The Fray.

An inforgraphic of KL, where I’m from.

Genetics and its awesomeness.

Building an icon.

Is this brilliant or what? I WOULD PEDDLE FOR ICE CREAM!

Urban food art at its finest, and funniest!

{Google turns 15! by Google doodle}

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