It’s been a horrid, horrid week for me. You won’t believe how glad I am that it’s over and the weekend is finally here. I do hope most of you would speak of your week otherwise though.

It’s been approximately close to three weeks that my friend’s pet kitten went missing. Just a couple weeks back, we actually posted up Missing Kitten notices on a few animal shelters’ pages and even spent a whole evening tracting printed notices across her whole neighbourhood, in hopes of finding Ketchup, our little toughie.

Ketchup was barely a month old when we found him abandoned right by the trash bin of my friend’s place. Our Vet told us that these little ones at that age would barely make it because they needed the mother’s milk and warmth, that we couldn’t recreate in the most precise of manner even if we tried. But we did whatever we could anyway and it survived through what the Vet deemed as the ‘danger zone’ for our little fighter. But three months in, it just went missing. We even considered the possibility that it got snatched by a really mean monkey.): Yes, if you were wondering…there are stray monkeys around her area, no thanks to humankind invading into their jungle homelands and developing, developing, developing.

My heart goes out to animals, one way or another. And I feel like I need to do something more than just feed strays and pick roadkills with the help of Mr. Bentley, so they don’t get squashed over and over. I imagine myself spending so much time at a shelter that I can call each of them animals there, by name. I want to sign a petition to make the imaginary ‘animal heaven’ a real one, or something. No amount of prayer will change the fate of these real toughies, until we get our hands dirty by doing the job.(: So, I will start.

To all you who have got pets, please start today, if you haven’t already been doing it, every.single.day: GO HUG YOUR PET AND TELL THEM HOW MUCH THEY MEAN TO YOU.(: Have a great weekend.

A Malay couple who’s living and giving it all for the animals in ways no one else would, or could. (If you didn’t already know, Malaysia is a Muslim country. And over the years, the Muslim teachings have taken an unfortunately negative twist to suggest that dogs are ‘haram’, translated as sinful in English. And that is why this video went viral at one point.)

I salute this guy, for his heart and talent that goes out for real toughies.

On a lighter note, hoot hoot!

This is amazing. Fan the flame.(: Perhaps the animals need one of these brilliant campaigns too.

More wallpaper calendars I love.

Apple fans: iOS 7 in your home, perhaps?:B

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