morning person

I don’t know about you but I always have those what I call, over ambitious days. The kind that comes from me setting an early alarm at 6am the night before for the morning after, and not wake to it. I was reading an article over lunch just the other day about things we could do to become a morning person. I am not a morning person myself. But that said, if I’m well aware that I have an early morning trip somewhere or perhaps, a hike up some hill to catch the sunrise or just pluck berries or whatever fun things-to-do, I can hop out of bed without first hitting the snooze button like a million times over.

The list of things to do to become a morning person included NEVER HIT THAT DAMN SNOOZE BUTTON (obviously not worded as such but reads just about the same way), which I obviously successfully fail at. Research suggests that by hitting the snooze button (it re-rings every 5 or 10 minutes), your sleep is actually interrupted and you wake up feeling more tired. OH, so that is what it is that’s making me a zombie queen just about every morning!

But okay. I am trying, to say the least.

Today, I woke to gloomy skies. No rain, but gloomy skies. So no photography again. And plus, I have tons to finish this weekend. My to-do list reads like a wish list already! So to everyone out there who is out and about with their Saturday, enjoy your weekend and cheers to a greater week ahead.(:

Behind-the-scenes to a really great song!

Mommy-daughter collaboration. So artsy!

Amazing 3D letterings.

Lunch posts by a too-cool dad for his too-cool son. Love!

Street art in the most clever places.

Illusion of space in shades of grey.

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  1. Sally says:

    I relate to ‘to do’ lists resembling wish lists!

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