Today, I noticed an email in my inbox – “Reminder: Astrid Winding Down”.

As messy of a person I am, I surprise myself at being rather organized with everything else besides clutter. I have three apps to keep my finances in check, two for my bills, two for my task lists, two just for reminders of all sorts, a passbook for flight bookings and a password keeper on each phone (I carry two phones by the way). All these apps have kept me on track with well, my life as a whole.

To receive that email announcing that Astrid is closing down, thank you for being an Astrid user over these years, please download your data and check these other sites out for migration…brought an unexpected gush of disappointment, and a sense of lost.

I picked out Astrid of all the other task list apps because it was aesthetically awesome. Well, at least to me, it was; that ever-smiling Octopus waved me in at iTunes App Store and I was hooked. Download.

…and now, it is unfortunately, time to wave the ever-smiling Octopus out of my device.

Dear People at Astrid,
Your team and the app has been amazing. Maybe not perfect, but it has been a great deal of help to someone who lives almost out of her suitcase, lugs two phones, an iPad and a laptop to be on top of her job and attempts to find time for oysters and champagne in between those hours spent with her family, friends and work. Your app has made it easier for her to remember her meetings, and not to mention her parking lot when her head’s wrapped around a million other thoughts. Sorry if she hadn’t written you enough of a thumbs up review or given you a 5-star marking to keep you in the market. She will forever miss that ever-smiling Octopus and if ever, Mr. Astrid the Octopus (assuming that is his name) decides to make a comeback, she’ll be the first to flip your download counter. All the best hereon, Team Astrid.

Girl who first downloaded Astrid because of the cute Octopus.

{Mr. Octopus of}

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