Hey there lovelies. I am currently re-reading The Fault in Our Stars by author John Green and am finding so much more love with it than I did previously. Blame it on the quick read mode I put myself through at Barnes & Noble. I wanted very much to purchase myself a Nook when I was in the States but didn’t, only because I existingly have an iPad and lugging them both around, along with my laptop just wouldn’t make any sense to me – not today, not ever. BUT, that said, I have to give it to the Nook for its superb readability. And if you’re a fan of a million novels, Nook is for you. Without a doubt. It reads like a book.

As for me, I took the cheap road of downloading the PDF on my iPad. Reads fine. Not perfect, but fine. Can do sort of fine. Haha!

I once blogged about Edible Selby’s awesomeness in hardcover, and this weekend calls for yet another GREAT entry for the visually-driven people (that’s ME!). Say hello to Lucy Eldridge! Well her work might not be a full fledge cookbook, I have to say that it is rather genius anyhow. It’s at a time like this that I strongly wished I was a great cook and a greater illustrator, or at least one of those two greats. While you’re checking out her illustrated recipes, you have got to check out her other works too.

So, three cheers for an amazing Saturday! And as usual, gems for the weekend.

p.s.: Pending NYC post! Busybee for now.:B But soon! Soon! Soon!

I’d love me a Juice Truck.(:

Wish list of a motley few. Very cute and interesting!

Porn vs real sex, explained with food.

A brilliant tea party.

Yes please to gliding right out of bed!

A look into Steinway & Sons’ piano factory. LOVE.

{illustrated recipe from Lucy Eldridge}

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