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I have been a tad bit obsessed with designing the UI for my currently still non-existent web shop. I’m dreaming big and feeling hopeful, if you’re wondering why. I started purchasing a handful of goods for my web shop but haven’t gotten around to actually setting up a Facebook account, or any form of platform to put those items out there. And by getting inspirations off the net, I’ve been incredibly envious of Berry Liberman of Dumbo Feather & Small Giants. How I did not think up of something this pretty, I have no idea. But I love it all. Love, love, love. (Still envious) Haha!

I’m a bit panicky. In less than a week I’d be in Singapore. And then a week after, I’d be off to New York. And I have tons left to do, or so it feels. But yes, I think I do have a lot that needs to be done before I leave. Oh well.

On a random note, my church is actually doing this ‘lunch thing’ every Sunday after service – an effort to forge fellowship and bonds amongst the members. So it’s a tiny space, with simple home cooked meals being sold at a minimal price, and I got to pick out the stools and the little add-ons. I feel happy. Cheap thrill but yes!

Happy weekend!

A long forgotten favourite I heard this morning.

Tons of great design ideas right hereps: My Reading List staple!

The school holidays are coming! Fancy a VBS?(:

Some amazing work by Oscar Ramos.

I love this movie! All the eating and cooking. Oh, and Paris. LOVE.

I’ve been reading. Could totally come in handy some day.

{Dumbo Feather & Small Giants at The Design Files}

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