This headache is killing me. The pain surfaces ever so often that it is steadily becoming part of something I have but no choice to keep up with, much like my workload and schedule. I am biting into a banana chocolate chip muffin from the trusty Starbucks a couple floors down from my office as I write, trying to seek comfort in the toasty little thing.

I probably never mentioned this – I know how many coffee purveyors might point out that Starbucks’ coffee comes no where near an actual good cuppa – but if there’s one thing I hope they never sell out of, it has got to be this banana chocolate chip muffin I hold right here in my hands. It’s like comfort food in every way imaginable. While it doesn’t take the pain away, it sure does shift my attention away from the throbbing pain and takes it straight to a chocolatey bliss – at least for that good few minutes until my muffin’s gone. And then I’m all achy and angry again.

I should get this headache checked out some time. But I wouldn’t mind a vending machine that pops a steady supply of these muffins, really.

To everyone out there who’s got a bad headache, or perhaps just ran out of luck and smack right into a horrid, horrid day, grab a muffin – specifically a toasty banana choc chip one from Starbucks, and enjoy five minutes of bliss, or however long it takes you to entirely gobble it up.

Done with my comfort muffin, I’m home bound to sleep off the ache.

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