fix you

It was at an Open Mic session the other day that I heard Coldplay’s Fix You on a different level. I have heard this song a good few times – on the radio, or in some coffee house somewhere at some point. But I’ve never felt this depressed just hearing this song until that fateful night.

Perhaps it was the fact that the performance was done in a quaint café, acapella. Or maybe it was how they dedicated this song to a special someone in the midst of the crowd. Perhaps it was the way the somewhat skinny girl sang with so much emotional innocence. Or perhaps, it was just the way I was meant to receive this song, at this very point in my life.

The lyrics are sad. That’s how I would describe it in a word.

But that’s just what is drawing me to it, and keeping it on my play list on repeat mode. I don’t really know the exact meaning behind the song, but all I know is that…everyone could use a ‘fixer’. No matter how strong you think you are, or how brave you think you could be, you will find yourself needing someone to make things right for you – emotionally, physically, and mentally; someone to fix you when you’re beyond repair or when you can barely see what needs to be made right.

There are those moments when you just don’t know how to put into words what’s not going right, and then a song comes on and your life is sung out in it. It’s during those times that I feel like sitting under the pouring rain and never leaving, just letting my thoughts be silenced by the downpour. And as with a movie’s scene, the song will play in the background, maybe even moving onlookers to tears or inviting more sad, sad people to join me in the flood.

Well, it’s a thought. It’s just a thought.

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