lego minifig

On a random note, here’s introducing the Chicken Suit Guy and the Sad Clown for the weekend! If you’re new to Lego and would not appreciate spending your cash on full sets, these mini figure series should sit just right with your budget, and fascination. Or if you’re an avid Lego fan, go crazy with these anyway!

Mr. Bentley has magic fingers, and a whole lot of patience. He can stand at the counter feeling through packet after packet, and box after box of these random-luck mini figs to ‘feel’ out his desired pieces! Check out the collections here. So he got me the Chicken Dude and the Sad Clown – which totally reminds me of the sad clown at Geelong’s waterfront!

And if you’re wondering, no…we aren’t one of the lucky ones to get Mr. Gold just yet. But we’re trying!:D

Cheers to a great Saturday/Sunday slumber and as always, gems for the weekend!

DUMB WAYS TO DIE!(: Crazy cute…

…and the game that comes with it? Downloaded!

An interesting take on 19th century scents.

Did I mention how charming this barber shop’s web is?:D

Amazing work by Glue Society.

Stationeries to die for.

{Chicken Suit Guy and Sad Clown photos by Jolene Tan}


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