elle decor

Ever since I got the iPad plan back on track, I’ve been diligently subscribing to some of my favourite titles on Zinio. And I am quickly reminded of how much I’ve been missing out on.

This weekend calls for some pretty shots from Elle Decoration – the kind that makes me want to kick back and do some home styling of my own. But I rarely get to it, really. They often remain as bookmarked pages in the Inspiration folder, and I continue looking for a whole lot of other incredibly pretty stuffs. And yes, the cycle continues until I tire out/get hungry and I nap/eat. Don’t give me that dirty look. It’s a lazy Saturday afterall!(:

I’ve been earnestly putting my mind to making this business plan of mine work. It’s still somewhat far from far-fetched, frankly…but I’m big on hoping that it eventually comes through. I haven’t had it all planned out, but I’m on it. It’s ironic how I think I am quite inspired to get everything moving, but on the other hand, when I lay down everything that needs to be done – domain registry and web hosting/postage/purchasing and retailing/marketing – I feel like crawling under covers and never coming out. It scares me. I’ve been spending so much time researching but it always feels like it’s never enough. If anyone of you have anything to share about starting an online business and stuff, I’m all ears!

For now, please enjoy these gems for the weekend.(: Happy weekend lovelies!

A Saturday song. Love.

A-AMAZING cover artwork. Just my type, literally.

Fancy a mini fast food set?

should go back to writing Thank-you cards.

A call to play with your food!

Observing generation gaps. Good one.

{photos from Elle Decoration June 2013 on Facebook}

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