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Hello hello! It’s a gorgeous Saturday, one that I wouldn’t mind staying in bed Flipboard-ing or Pinterest-ing. If you read my previous weekend post, here’s an update: I GOT THE DATA PLAN UP AND RUNNING! It’s been alright. I now have 5GB on my iPad to dispose off every month. 5GB is a lot! But they swung two extremes – 2GB or 5GB. And I don’t think 2GB would suffice. Hence…

So, you lovelies can expect a whole lot more cooler finds every weekend now that I can start a serial Flipboard/Pinterest interest! This week, I’ve had my eyes fixed on Behance’s Lyrical Type quotes that have been brilliantly put together with some of my favourite songs. Too awesome.

Enjoy them along with a few other things! Oh and to all the super Daddies out there, HAPPY FATHER’S DAY! Keep being super and stay awesome!

My week’s new found love.

How incredibly comfy does this coisa look?!

An interestingly funny-but-almost-true read. Haha!

Lyrical type. Addictive creativity.

This is just too cute not to love.


{lyrical type quote at Behance}

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