I’ve been considering re-activating my data plan for my iPad. I know, you must be thinking what in the world is this girl thinking. To have an iPad that only runs on wifi?! Well to be clear, my iPad did have a data plan as soon as I got it. But I found myself lugging my laptop, iPad and my phones (an ancient Blackberry and an iPhone, both with data plans attached) on my work trips and sad but true, on my vacations too. So I thought that if I were to take my laptop with me, I wouldn’t exactly be needing my iPad since I’d be able to check my mails and work from my laptop. Hence, the decision to drop the line subscription.

But now, I’ve come to realise just how much my iPhone’s battery life sucks. Browsing magazines, scrolling a couple of Pinterest boards and Whatsapp-ing all at once takes my battery from a 100% straight to 20% quicker than I can say OHMYGAWD STAHP! Exaggeration, yes…but you get my drift. And because I haven’t gotten myself a portable power bank – which almost every other person on the face of this earth probably have – I have embarrassingly been spotted carrying my Macbook around with my iPhone jacked in for a quick recharge.

So I suppose, this will be my lesson to a) get a portable power bank, b) subscribe to data for the iPad and, for Mr. Bentley’s sake, c) consider a Samsung. Haha!

Anyway, it’s the weekend lovelies! And if you’re not sleeping in, I hope you’re out and about catching up with old friends over coffee or baking with your kids or organizing your mail outs (for those with any form of small/big businesses) or summer-cleaning your rooms or catching up on your reading or taking a road trip to some other land or enjoying a cocktail on your beach vacation or taking a diving course or sipping on wine all tuned in to your favourite vinyls or…you know, anything other than working, because life is too short to not be enjoying it the way you really want to. 

Here’s some finds to take with you this weekend. Have an awesome weekend and an even greater week ahead!

Loving the lyrics to DeGraw’s piece.

Fancy a knock-knock calculator?

A collection of ingeniously defaced textbooks and exam papers. Funny!

I would love to have a printing studio such as this beauty!

To consider mixing.

A wishbone.(:

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