Today, I had a bowlful of green beans for dinner, which sparked a conversation between my boss and I. Apparently, her dogs seem to love their vegetables – love with a capital ‘L’ in font size 72 and bold. And ironically, here are the humans who are doing everything they can, in every way imaginable to get their kids to eat their vegetables. Tsk tsk.

Speaking of vegetables, here’s an awesome something I found – cute illustrations with food by Colombian artist Juana Medina, as pictured above. I have to point out that her strokes bear a familiar resemblance to one of my favourite illustrators, Quentin Blake who does the famous illustrations for all the Roald Dahl story books I could read a million times over.

All this, which got me thinking…that maybe if our culture (especially the Chinese) would just lighten up a little and let the kids have some fun with their food, perhaps they’ll learn to eat their vegetables, or just about everything else healthy, the fun way. Some crayons, table top sheets and healthy snacks might really just do the trick!

Thanks Juana! I think I might’ve found in your whimsical doodles just what all mothers have been looking for – the way to get their juniors chomping on their vegetables.(:

{illustration by Juana Medina at My Modern Metropolis}

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