You probably read the title, and re-read it again to confirm that I missed a word – for.

When I was in high school, I had near perfect grammar but was accustomed to losing points for missing out words in my sentences. It was frustrating. And even till now, I still find myself unintentionally leaving out words from my writings, and even more so when I’m rushing through all the articles and editing (ironically) I have lined up.

My form teacher used to tell me that my brain worked a whole lot quicker than my hand apparently did, and so did my lecturer back when I was in college. And I frankly didn’t know what to make of it. I’d think to myself, “Is my mind real quick? Or is my hand just slow?

I never figured.

Some people say I’ve got a mild Obsessive-Compulsive Disorder (OCD), and I can’t help but concur. When I publish a post, I actually go back to my blog and re-read it a million times over and when I spot a mistake, I am actually bothered to amend and update it. It bugs the daylight out of me when I spot a missing word, or a punctuation that should’ve been there which probably got lost in cyberspace.

I keep telling myself to slow down – my mind, to drop its pace so my hand can keep up. But it never works. I just end up losing my thoughts altogether.

So here’s an open invitation from me to you. If you ever come across a missing word, a lost punctuation or a grammar mistake in my postings, please be kind enough to leave me a comment and my OCD self will see to it. Here’s thanking you in advance!

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