Sorry folks! No Weekend Wonders today as I was out early this morning and am slightly exhausted having just got back. I have here, however, a little wish list update for The Habitat that’s been pending a couple weeks now. I visited Anthropologie on my last trip to London and I have fallen in love with every.single.thing in there. When I got back, was almost an everyday browse for me then, and now, even.


If I had a home of my own, these would make my list.(: LOVE, LOVE, LOVE.

01. Artisan mini salt cellar, $10

02. Imperial cheese knives, $198

03. Chalkboard storage jar, $28 + $36

04. Tile napkin, $12

05. Dip dyed serving set, $26

06. Stonybrook juicer, $48

07. Noriko enamel teapot, $88

08. Colour tan measuring spoon, $14

09. Latte bowls, $30

10. Porcelain cusina spoon, $17

11. Marlowe lunch bag, $44

12. Natural world dessert plates, $18

13. Block dot napkin, $12

14. Dotto mug, $12

Everything is from Anthropologie. So if you’re lazing in bed this weekend, do check out the site and buy that something pretty or that something quirky and bold for your space.(: Tiny item, BIG change.

The Habitat is made up of all things HOME. Read the rest of it here

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