selbyIt was in 2011 that Mr. Bentley and I drove in to Singapore and stayed a good few days just soaking in what was left of year 2011. Main highlight? Wicked the Musical and lots of eating.

This year, Phantom of the Opera is playing and I am incredibly eager to get my hands on the tickets. And I am hopeful to have more gastronomic rounds with Mr. Bentley, and maybe a couple of his buddies.(:

Also, been meaning to tell the world about this book I bought on our Singapore trip then. It’s one of the fun-est non-cookbook cookbooks I’ve ever come across, as shown above. I know how ridiculously contradicting I am sounding right there but check it out and you’ll know what I mean.

Bursting with amazing food/people/scene photography first by famed photographer Todd Selby, followed by handwritten notes in crazy coloured pens and tonnes of stories to tell and interviews to share, Edible Selby is also a cosy collection of random recipes that he’d picked up along the way of his photography excursion.

It is a too-cool compendium of photography, amazing eatery features and above all, it comes with some really wicked fridge magnets! Check out pages from Edible Selby, or go straight here to get your copy.

..and the amazing weekend begins with a roll out of some of my favourites. Enjoy and have a great, great Saturday + Sunday!

Loving Quickdrive’s rendition of an all-time fav.

Healthy eating starts with mushrooms.

This makes for a dainty accessory.

Inspired by dark, dark walls.

Since Melbourne, I’ve been in love with Country Road.

May I interest you in some thing sweet?

{pages from Edible Selby by Todd Selby}

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