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Mr. Bentley’s ex used to refer to me as a ‘stick with boobs’, and I’d have you know that I take that as a compliment. Times have changed, and while the boobs part of it probably still sticks, the stick no longer rings true. I am on a quest to return the fats where it should be (not around my belly area, obviously), and to have womanly muscles where cellulite and EDD (Excess Dingle Dangle) now reside.(:

While my Saturdays are for staying in and catching up on some cleaning, reading and whatever not, I swim and gym just about every other week day. And I have to admit that I secretly do a celebratory dance when my thighs get all achy, or when I sneeze and my abs hurt like crap, or my arms feel like they could fall off after those laps. I try to eat healthy, not to mention save money by bringing brunch to work every Tuesdays and Thursdays, for now.

So I whipped up a simple menu to make sure I keep the meat/vege thing in check, and to remind myself that ‘variety is the key to keeping up with the so-called diet’. I don’t do routine that well. Especially not when I have to wake at a painstaking 5am on those days to prep my brunch bag and head off to the gym.

So, here to close the week and begin the weekend are some fine finds I’d love to share with you!

A great acapella worth watching a million times over.

Watch this trailer, and make sure you watch the full movie after. In classic black and white, I love it.

I can’t wait for her to have an album.

A to-the-point read that’ll get you checking your work life, or at least it did mine.

Structured procrastination. A very neat read.

….last but not least, a pack-a-picnic treat that’s oh-so-fab!

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