Well hello Weekend!

Glad to report that I started mine reeeaaaaaaly early – 6.30am.(: Gym-ed, swam and made breakfast after – Egg, chicken ham & cheese sandwich!

I’ve been in and out of plans throughout the week to rework my room – a major paint job, moving of furnitures and stuffs. While browsing the internet for random ideas and inspiration, I came across these three amazing things, as pictured, that called out to me. A cute calendar which I can totally imagine having letter pressed as gifts, a cook pan for an eatery’s signage and last but not least, a gorgeous honey jar that is designed to make jaws drop! Pretty things make me happy. Every. Single. Time. Oh and, I cannot stress enough that you MUST check out BEELOVED for the stories behind the honey jar and its logo designs. AMAZING.

Before I leave to pack up my room, here’s a little something to take in the weekend with. Enjoy your weekend while it’s here!

A recent love, love, love.

Fancy being part of a human DNA time capsule?

I would give anything to cook, shoot and write like Ms. Katie.

Allow me to make you fall in love with too-pretty invites.

Did I mention how much I LOVE Anthro already?

Classic flats. I must own a pair, soon!

{calendar design from thedsgnblog/cook pan signage from pinterest:design/honey jar from beeloved}

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