workaholics hideout{Top: Sunshine workspace, Bottom: Shelves of fun and inspiration}

Hello. Hello. Hello!

Finding time to get a post up here has been incredibly impossible but here I am, finally getting a breather and a moment for a quick update.

I shifted from my washroom-facing cubie (I know! How uninspiring.) to a window-side cubie and I am absolutely in love with it. It’s amazing how much more productive I can be with some sunlight.

I still love/miss rainy days/nights though, I must add. The dry spell has started, well, somewhat and it hardly rains these days. Maybe a drizzle, but that’s about it. However, it poured yesterday evening. And heavy, did it pour. Had intentions to throw on my sweater and sip on hot choc with Mr. Bentley but we didn’t get to it. So I’m kind of looking forward to the next evening downpour. Or a trip upstairs. Maybe both.

Have a good work-week lovelies. Weekend’s just around the corner!

{photos by Jolene Tan}

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