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Greetings from Penang! It was a long drive up from KL, and not to mention a rather wet one. But we’re right where we need to be- good food, in the closest of company. Penang is my dad’s birth place and it has always been a love of mine just looking forward to coming back here. It’s like comfort food, only better- a whole place, and lots of the best-est food around town.

There’s plenty to see, do and most importantly, EAT around here. The traffic is crazy (I swear I would never drive here), and the drivers can be rather…ruthless on the road. But if you had a local take you around, then BINGO! Transport is sorted and off you go on a food safari.(:

We arrived yesterday evening and headed out for dinner with the relatives, and then for a search of those wall paintings by Ernest Zacharevic, a Lithuanian artist. I loved them all. Brilliantly done! But as with all wall paintings, these are quickly fading with time.): So if you do have plans to check them out, it best be now.

If you happen to be in Penang, HELLO!(: And here’s a quick click for a comprehensive to do/eat/see right here. Have a great Chinese New Year!

p.s.: Korean superstar PSY will be making an appearance here too. Haha!

{photos by Jolene Tan}

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