…and then there’s January

It’s only about mid of January, and I must already mention that the month hasn’t been very merciful to me.): I met a really bad accident just last Sunday (and a minor one in December. Not my fault either.)- a cement mixer truck’s brake wasn’t working so he rolled backwards into the left lane where my car was. Yup, you probably guessed it right. He broke my side mirror, crushed my driver’s door and scraped thru my back passenger’s door. OH. GOD. WHY. My approximately three month old ride was disfigured.): But well, it’s now being fixed. New parts, and hopefully a better luck to go with it.

Despite all that, I’m glad I had better luck with Legoland, Round 2! Did a day trip to Legoland and back with Mr. Bentley, Gavin and Alicia. How much fun did three adults have there? PLENTY.(: There weren’t much people so we were actually able to sit the rides like over and over and over and over again, which was precisely what we did, shamelessly.:D So here it is! Us on the water slide, doing some crazy pre-planned actions for the camera!


{From left: 1,2,3,4!/Speak, hear and see no Evil/A supposed ‘goddess’ pose}

Also, before this tripMr. Bentley got himself the Lego Haunted House set and was incredibly engrossed in constructing the ghostly abode. He took some shots for me and I thought I’d share it with you- fellow Lego lovers out there, on his work in progress.(: He has finished the exterior, but it has yet to be furnished. But don’t worry, you can be assured I’ll be posting the finished set up here as soon as he’s done!

If you haven’t already read about the creative bit of fun Mr. Bentley had with his Star Wars mini fig, here you go!

p.s.: Enjoy this little video on the Lego story.

Happy Sunday lovelies!





{photos by Mr. Bentley}

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