christmas project
I have been missing from my blog for a really long time, last entry being this. And I hate to have to mention that my little Chrismas project I had planned out didn’t eventually fall through. I was quite upset, frankly. I had four packs of printed cards sitting in my room, and to nowhere and no one to send them to. I did however pack and mail a few card packs out to some close friends, and clients with my freelance jobs. So I suppose, that wasn’t too bad for a starter. Could have been better, but it’s alright.

December came and went so quickly. And I’m back at my desk looking forward to the next public holiday already! 2012 felt like a really productive year. But when I looked back, I didn’t exactly know what significant changes took place in my life, and what I had really achieved, on a personal level. So I thought this 2013, a resolution list is a MUST. Then I can look back periodically within the year, and strike items off the list and know that I’m headed forward, and am not stagnant.

So here goes:

1. Wake early every day
2. Swim
3. Have breakfast
4. Be active volunteering at PAWS
5. Carry pet food in my bag (for strays)
6. Be prudent with my finances
7. Save at least RM1.5k every month
8. Get into shape
9. Do a laundry load every week
10. Clean room once a month
11. Shop online
12. Invest in an air purifier
13. Love myself more
14. Spend more time with the people I love, and less with my work
15. Write birthday cards and wish people
16. Bedroom make over
17. Do my claims promptly
18. Learn to say NO
19. Get more tattoos
20. Ditch people who don’t add to my life because life is too short to be around such people
21. Take more photos
22. Go to Melbourne again!
23. Let loose and be crazy
24. Learn French
25. Blog, blog, blog

Happy new year lovelies! And I hope that whatever your resolution list consists of, it will be bigger and better things for the year.

p.s: Attempt 5 for Resolution #1 FAILED. Attempt 6, tomorrow.

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