48 shotsPutting together this patch of 48 shots, I am beyond blessed to have had so many good times with some of the best-est people in my life. While I am definitely looking forward to a million more adventures, big or small, I am thrilled with every bit of the world I’ve traveled to, seen and loved.

There’s more to 2012 that’s undocumented within these 48 shots- laughter, fun, drinks, game nights, breakfasts, road trips to the clouds and oh so much more!(: I keep telling myself that I need to take more pictures! And so I shall- starting by adding it to my resolution list.

I hope every one of you had an amazing year. Let’s raise our glasses and toast to a brand new, even brighter and better 2013!

p.s: I got me my Moleskin planner for the new year. Have you got yours?(: Click to shop away!

A year in 48 shots. A compilation of (in no particular order): 2011/12 New Year’s countdown in Singapore/Biking trip to Chiang Mai with dad’s biker bunch/UDMO weekend convoy to Port Dickson/Exploring Tokyo/Publika day-out with Mr. Bentley/Dad’s 60th birthday-do/The awesome Melbourne vacation/Dessert dates at Alexis/Family trip to the wintry Hokkaido/Girls-only Langkawi trip/Legoland weekend/Hong Kong whirlwind trip/Stuffed toys and such/Singapore brunch with the cousin/The supposed Christmas project.

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