Feels like I haven’t blogged in a million years. But I’m back!

It has been a crazy couple of weeks for me. There was the magazine to wrap up which meant a gazillion pages to proofread and edit, then there were shoots after shoots and tons of writing that needed to be done, and the car was due for its first service too. I’m not entirely done with the list of To-Do’s that is multiplying incredibly by the day but, I’m getting there. And I’m happy.(:

Happy, for one because I’ve had some time to finally do something other than work this week- surf the net, a little. I know. It’s crazy how this even feels like an accomplishment to me. But yes! It feels like an enormous one and it will stay that way for now. And happy also because I’m finally seeing Mr. Bentley tomorrow and we’re heading upstairs! We have both been insanely busy with our schedules and haven’t had time to meet/date/drink/bitch/chill/talk without first dozing off.

So here’s to an awesome Saturday and Sunday. CHEERS! And I hope you lovelies have your weekend all planned out. Whether you’re all ready to rock and rumble or just to stay in and catch up on your reading, I hope it’s a great one! Here’s sharing some weekend goodies before I go about my Saturday. Enjoy!

My company, every morning to work throughout the week.

A gorgeous, gorgeous wedding.

Food for thought.

Hearing from the groom‘s side.
(PS: Such a lift just reading his entries!)

I’m in LOVE with this bag.((:

Fab outdoor party ideas!

{photos from Green Wedding Shoes}

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