Everyday, a stranger does, says or writes something that changes the way I look at life.

Today, I went to Starbucks to grab a drink for lunch. Thought of checking my mails, followed by some blogs. It’s the first time a barista actually said ‘have a nice day!’ when he handed me my drink.(: While it’s a really simple gesture, it is apparently too simple a gesture that we often overlook it anyway. And it made me realize that sometimes, people really don’t need your money. Or time. Or help. But a simple gesture like a wish, sure goes a long way.

Then, there are these amazing shots that were taken by fellow blogger, Patrick Latter. I’ve always had this warped idea that before I die, I’d have to go to all the amazing places like NYC, London, Paris and stuffs- the commercialized places that the whole world would suggest you visit. But when I saw Latter’s shots of Bermuda, above everywhere else, I now wish to go there. Correction- to be there. And instead of being all prim and proper, I wish to have on a pair of flipflops and walk the shoreline of Bermuda’s beaches, or even snowboots to tread the snow covered slopes of Chester Lake.(:

Last but definitely not least for the day, there’s One7 on Chris Martin’s blog. Three years ago, I prayed and asked for a car. I even inserted the exact colour/specs/model that I had wanted into the prayer. I made a pact with Him, that if He provided me with the discipline to save up for the car (I am very bad with my finances), I will in return use it to be a blessing by fetching my youths (who don’t drive), to and fro for church services. And it happened. Three years after, I got the car- in the exact colour/specs/model, which I then conveniently forgot about the pact. That was, until today. It might be a really small matter, but big enough for Him to see that I get the car, and on my part, that I keep my pact. And I will.(: If the least I can do is to serve His people well, then I will. His entries are like gentle reminders of the grace of God.

{photos by Patrick Latter}

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