Hello weekend!(: I woke to a gorgeous morning just after it poured, and managed to wash my car. Headed out to breakfast with parents and dad’s biker bunch too. I must remind myself that not sleeping in has got its awesome perks, and these are just some of it!

This weekend, I thought I’d share something light and breezy, like Studio Bon‘s textiles. I absolutely love them! I do a lot of fabric shopping for work and I admit to getting easily carried away with the abundance of prints, textures and colours available. Fabrics (and paint!) are an easy way to jazz up a space, facelift something old, beautify a plain notebook or even a mannequin.

When I was in London, I died and went to fabric heaven when I stepped foot into Liberty. It was such a glorious place! Alongside heaps of fashion goodies, Liberty is really well known for its fabric. They design and print their own range of fabrics in cotton, silk, wool, voile and lots more and they.are.gorgeous.(: Even their mini bundles of scrap fabrics make beautiful gifts for people who love sewing, or just about anyone who is head over heels for these unique textiles.

Do check out Studio Bon‘s amazing range of fabrics, have a cuppa while you browse these sites I’ve picked to share and have a beautiful weekend with your loved ones (pets definitely included)!

A love song to start your Saturday off!

Breath-taking photography.(:
(PS: Thanks Patrick for following my blog! I have to say you’d be (more than) an awesome friend to travel with since you take beautiful photos of your hiking companions and just about everything else!)

A quick read I am trying to put into practice.

I could relax in this chair, eat pie with these utensils and swap boring switches for this!

Barbecue time!

How cute is this- The venn of PB+J.(:
(PS: I named my little online thingo-to-come PB+J. A little place to sell off my preloved stuffs at really low prices. Check it out soon!)

{photos from Studio Bon}

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