{From left to right: Violin and naked bulbs for I.T’s window display/Lan Kwai Fong, a drinker’s street/Classic Hong Kong breakfast of thick toast, macaroni in soup, ham and egg sandwiches and milk tea/Drop-off only lane/Harbour front view/Old school menu board}

I hope the weekend was a great one for all of you. I missed blogging for a bit as I was away in Hong Kong for a good four days, mainly for work. I wasn’t really looking forward to it partly because I was broke from all that shopping and eating in Melbourne (read about this here, here and here!), and also because I had plenty to do before leaving to HK but the trip worked out really well.

I am impressed with myself being able to navigate my way around and not getting lost when all I had was a poorly photocopied map, and a list of all the shops I wanted to visit that were scattered across north, east , south and west of the island. Hardly is a feat of accomplishment worth a mention to many, but sure feels like one to me.(: I love that every corner of Hong Kong island is easily accessible by train, tram, taxi and foot, and traversing the island feels much like when you do Singapore.

On my trip, I found a little nook for incredible decor items that are equally quirky as they are gorgeous, came across a cafe, St. Betty that’s invitingly warm and cosy, explored the harbour front that’s an incredible sight, walked the Avenue of Stars, checked out the showcase celebrating the Japanese character the world loves over- Doraemon’s 100th birthday, stumbled upon a rare book shop of all sorts of antique books for sale, had the best-est dumpling soup ever at Sevva, sipped a Corona over pasta and pizzas at 208 Duecento Otto, an Italian restaurant, had plenty of street food like the famed Hui Lau Shan mango dessert and egg waffle known as ‘Kai Dan Chai’ and some.

Now that my trips are over, it’s back to work for me. Have a great week ahead too you all!

{photos by Jolene Tan}

St. Betty
Shop 2075, Podium Level 2 IFC Mall
Central, Hong Kong
2979 2100

6-14A Chater Road Hong Kong
2537 1388

208 Duecento Otto
208 Hollywood Road Hong Kong
2549 0208

Hui Lau Shan
31 Haiphong Rd., Tsim Sha Tsui
2730 0703

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